Althaea plants

Althaea plants

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The Althaea plants are herbs commonly found throughout Europe and the western part of Asia.

The herbs live for one or two years and are commonly found on sandy soils near rivers and salt marshes. The flowers and leaves of the herb are often used as ingredients in salads or are simply prepared through boiling or frying them. The substance excreted by both the roots and the stems of the herb are also used in cosmetic treatments that are related to softening an individual’s skin.

Medical uses

The herb has long been used throughout history for its medical and spiritual healing properties. Even the name of the herb derives its origins from the Greek word althainein, which means “to heal”. The ancient Egyptians admired the herb and mixed its roots in a honey-sweetened confection to treat ailments associated with a sore throat.  This confection and treatment were later improved upon by the French.

Althaea Roots and Leaves /Berries will help to

  • Brings protection.
  • This is a psychic vision oil ingredient.

Magical Uses

For spiritual healing, the roots and leaves of the plant are used to soothe or comfort a person, or if the need is dire, bring in spiritual assistance. Mixing Althaea leaves and roots with resin incense such as frankincense, myrrh, copal, or benzoin, and burning the said mixture is said to bring in the protection and assistance of benevolent spirits. Keeping the herb in a small open-top jar next to a bowl of water when performing rituals and spells will call upon helpful spirits to assist you in a successful ritual.

Also, putting some inside a pouch and planting this outside your driveway will protect you against evil people. The pouch will need to have a message written on in black ink, such as protect my home from unwanted evil. In addition, this herb can be used in creating psychic vision oil. For working with ancestral spirits use a mixture of acacia and wormwood.

Althaea roots and leaves can also be added to angelica roots in a small white flannel bag in order to ask for the assistance of invisible hands that will help protect you from all sorts of evil illness, accidents, or sorrows. The herb is also an active ingredient in several other strong spells and potions such as the famed psychic vision oil and nine herbs bath.

By Flo Saul
Aug 29, 2012