What does the name Bo mean?

Bo Name Meaning

What does the name bo mean?

Bo is a unisex name. It is becoming popular as a girl's name.

It's pronounced B-aw. Bo's origin is German. Bo is a name meaning "to" live and is normally a shortened name of Bonnie, Beaufort, Bowen or Bonita. Normally it is a shortened version. It is derived from the word búa which is of the meaning 'to dwell, to obsess, the household'. The feminine name was made popular in the 20th century with the American presenter Bo Derek (in 1956). Variations of Bo are the names Beloved and Bow. Bo can be a boy's or girl's name. Numerology is practiced in many cultures all over the globe. Many of these ancient practices are still being used today. Divination is used primarily for prediction, especially as your name has two letters Bo, this equals 4, I am going to quickly go over what this means for your life, Bo.

How popular is the name Bo?

Bo has increased in popularity as a boys and girls name. The social security Administrator of the United States showed that Bo was the 537th most popular name in 2020 and expected to increase as time goes on.

What does the name bo mean?

  • Origin: Bo is a name meaning "to live." or "Hansom"
  • Quick Meaning: Precious
  • Number of letters: 2, Those 2 letters total to 4
  • Gender: Girl
  • Swedish: Male Commander. Means to live
  • Scandinavian: Male Nickname and abbreviation. Famous bearer: actress Bo Derek.
  • Scandinavian: Female Nickname made popular by actress Bo Derek.
  • Hebrew: Male Diminutive of Boaz: Quick.
  • French: Male Diminutive of Beauregard: Respected; regarded highly (literal translation is Beautiful/handsome gaze). Also a variant of Beau: Handsome.
  • English: Female Nickname made popular by actress Bo Derek. Means Hansom
  • Danish: Male Commanding.
  • Chinese: Female Precious.

What is the spiritual meaning of Bo?

The 4 as your numerical number Bo, can help you become more proactive and be able to manage opportunities in life.  This could mean that you are more likely to persevere or give up when the changes become too difficult. It is said that you must learn to walk before you can run. This applies especially to your career. Take one step at a given time is your spiritual message as a numerological 4. The number 4 is your number, Bo, which means this is a symbol of responsibility. When you are age 34 this will be a crucial time to accept responsibility. You also need to be aware of how tempting things can be they might not always be the best things in your life, Bo. Due to the numerology in your name try to balance your need for adventure and freedom with your responsibilities.

What is the biblical name meaning of Bo?

Biblically Bo means "to go" or "to come" and the word "enter" can be found in Exodus 10:1. The Hebrew word of Bo means entering. This is in the first verse of Parashat Bo. Bo means in Swedish to live, French and English handsome, and in Hebrew means fleetness. 

What are the positive traits of Bo?

  • Flexible and adaptable to changes.
  • Expect the unexpected when it comes to Bo.
  • Great at looking to the future and planning 
  • Hard-working

What are the negative traits of Bo?

  • Gets stressed out too much
  • Can talk too much at times and needs to listen more Bo

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012