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Mary is a female name. She was the biblical mother of Christ.

Names like Dolores and Mercedes have been created to express aspects of Mary's life and worship. The English form of the name Mary is Maria, which was in turn a Latin name. Both New Testament names were varieties of the Hebrew word מִרְיָם or Miryam. The typical meaning given by various sources is a female that is bitter. In Hebrew Mary means "bitterness." Other meanings include "rebelliousness" (מרי m-r-y), "Our Lady" (ש"ע מריה Sha Mrih) or "beloved lady", referring to the Christian reverence with the Virgin Mary. The name is also said to be one of Egyptian origin, from the word mry, which means "beloved" or Mr, that means "love."

The name is also from the Middle Ages as Stella Maris, or "star of the sea, " an epithet with the Virgin Mary. The name has become widely used due to its associations with the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, along with Saint Mary Magdalene, who had previously been called an apostle on the Apostles.

Detailed Meaning

  • Origin: Latin (middle ages)
  • Quick Meaning: Star of the Sea
  • Number of letters: 4, Those 4 letters total to 21
  • Gender: Girl
  • Hebrew: Female Wished-for child; rebellion; bitter. Famous Bearers: the Virgin Mary; Mary Magdalene; Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-87).
  • English: Female Bitter. Variant of Miriam.
  • Biblical: Female Rebellion

The actual name María, in conjunction with other names or perhaps with titles of the Virgin Mary, has been the most famous in Spanish-speaking international locations, much as Jessica was popular in conjunction with other names within French-speaking countries and Mary was popular in conjunction with other names within English-speaking countries. Maria or Marie can be occasionally used being a middle name with regard to boys in Catholic families being a sign that the little one is under the protection of the Virgin Mary.

Though Mary and Marie were the most typical forms of the actual name in English-speaking international locations, the name Maria was also being used in England, where it seemed to be often given the actual aristocratic pronunciation of ahead of the 20th century and inspired the alternative spelling Mariah.

Mariam or perhaps Maryām (مريم), a good Arabic form, is a huge popular name within predominantly Muslim countries due to the respect given in order to Mary, mother involving Jesus, in Islam. Muslim parents desire their daughters for being like Mary within her "chastity and demureness.

Miriam, a Hebrew type of the name, has remained well-used among Jews with the Biblical prophetess Miriam, cousin of Moses. The name involving Jesus' mother and of the other Marys mentioned in the New Testament was resulting from this origin; as the Talmud and other Jewish sources present, it was a standard female name in the Jewish society of the First Century, as it remains up to the present. "Miriam" is also being used worldwide among Christians.

It's stated that numbers hold the key to our inner most personality. Each letter inside your Christian name has a number equivalent. Everything in life, can be reduced to a number, and each number has a meaning. In numerology, this meaning is converted into a useful tool for understanding our inner most secrets. Read on to learn what Mary means in spiritual terms.

As a number three, your name means that you are a happy-go-lucky, upbeat person, you are considered a nice person. Easy to get along with. You are generally an artist and should excel inside creative places. You're very friendly and sociable. Life is generally lived to the fullest, without much concern about yourself or with what is going to happen down the road. You aren't that good at managing funds, or investing money, because you don't care about things like that. You spend the money that you have, if you don't have it, you won't spend it. You enjoy going out and having fun with friends. The attributes of Mary tend to be warmness and friendliness, you are an excellent conversationalist, with great interpersonal skills as well as being open.

The approach to life is often very good. Your disposition is certainly sunny as well as openhearted. A contented and often kind hearted person, you are constantly searching for and seeking the particular things in life that give you happiness.

There's a remote control aspect for your life. This has come about because you are slightly native towards people who come across as being much more knowledgeable. The three is actually a very sensitive heart and soul. Nonetheless, the three ultimately deals with setbacks in life, and bounces back for more. Three's find it simple to deal with difficulties. You can readily understand problems and they don't depress you too much. You've got a patient disposition and are alert to other people's feelings and emotions.

This world comprises of energy, the yin and yang energy and the male and female energy. So what happens when we have an odd number such as the three? The universe is made from this energy and it rules us. Number three's are actually symbolic of this energy, people whose name falls under the three could be the best leader, patriots, governor, security representative, socialist and a fine politicians. You are always searching for success along with material wealth, Mary. The good news is that your name means that you are likely to undertake many different careers, these can include composing, communicating, singing, performing or teaching. You are a great entertainer. Many people with the expression number of three are great copy writers, litigators, educators, sales staff, as well as composers. You also have a great future to market yourself or even sell any product you can!

The particular negative side of your name is that you can appear quite cold. You can spread rumours and simply be too easygoing. It is advisable that you curb what you say to others. You also need to avoid dwelling upon insignificant matters, especially gossip. You're imaginative and display honesty, you might possess imaginative abilities within the martial arts. Your feelings are more likely to end up being hidden. You're a positive person that appears excited about life as well as living. You might be friendly, adoring and also enjoy social activities, People like you because you are captivating and you are an excellent conversationalist. Your ability to communicate might frequently inspire other people. It's your desire to motivate and inspire people, you are great at boosting people's ego's.

You firmly feel that integrity is the best plan, you will benefit from dignity and ethics a lot more in your particular existence. Whatever job a three chooses in life, you will maintain your honesty, you are by no means jealous of anyone else and do not have a desire to get promoted. They're holistically peaceful and also satisfied within their life's. Number three people, Mary possess enthusiastic minds as well as intelligence. There heart rules there heads. Number threes have been said to be the good samaritan within numerology since it's path may be the route of all affection.

Threes are optimistic, very generous as well as giving people, and are able to find positive in every little thing around them. Other people enjoy being close to them, not just due to these types of characteristics, but also due to the fact that a number three is charming, they are excellent audience members and are very conscious of other's feelings and inner thoughts. You can very easily make people feel at ease. Strive for a career that permits you to express yourself. You might consider entertaining, however, you might also be a fantastic developer, jewellery expert, article writer, or perhaps hairstylist. You're great at experiencing the general structure associated with whatever you happen to be focusing on.

You enjoy living life to the maximum, making sure you make the most out of every day. Threes have a tendency to not get worried about things in life. The negative aspect of threes, is that they sometimes distance themselves and can be irritable, and may occasionally like to have fun rather than go to work. They could be manic depressive if they avoid the use of their own imaginative power and also often exaggerate the truth. You're a happy character, and probably talented, amusing and also captivating person, Mary. Continue to be open-minded. You shouldn't be frightened to be driven.

Positive traits

  • Loves people
  • Peacemaker
  • Understanding
  • Sensitive
  • Good with people
  • Likes peace and quite

Negative traits

  • Happy go lucky approach to life
  • Lacks confidence to be driven in life

By Flo Saul
Sep 20, 2012