Love and your name

Love and your name

Uncover secrets of your name

Every name given by our parents contains a secret message. What does this mean for love?

Many people have looked at not only what the name means also how numerology can play a big part in finding love comparison. Numerology consists of six numbers. These numbers include: the sole number, personality, power name number, birthday number, life path number, and finally the artichoke number. In order to understand if two people are destined to be together we often look at numerology. This is created not only from the date of birth but also the last full name. We have a section on numerology and the Free Numerology Oracle. In numerology, the name is often broken down into numbers. In order to complete the one normally uses the pythagorean number system.

This system was created by Pythagoras - a Greek philosopher. His work has created the numerology that we have today. Pythagoras was a philosopher and he not only created numerology symbols but also many other spiritual connections. He believed in the fact that we were connected through numbers and cycles. He believed that the alphabet was strong in connecting to people together. It was his belief that the gods from above created the connection of two people.

In numerology there are six numbers that can provide insight into possible partnership:

1. The sole number
this number is derived by adding all the vowels in one’s name - to reduce down to only one digit.

2. The personality number
This is associated with adding the consonants in one’s name, then doing the the same as above and reducing them to only one digit.

3. The power number.
This number is devised by adding both the consonants and vowels. Again, reducing them to one digit.

4. Birthday number
This is the number Associated with one's birthday with one’s birthday. Again, add the digits to reduce it down.

  • Birth number 1 if you are born on the following: 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of the month.
  • Birth number 2: Been on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of the month.
  • Birth number 3: if born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of a month.
  • Birth Number is 4: if you are born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st of any month
  • Birth Number is 5: if you are born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month
  • Birth Number is 6: if you are born on the 6th, 15th and 24th of any month
  • Birth Number is 7: if you are born on the 6th, 15th and 24th of any month
  • Birth Number is 8: if you are born on the 7th, 16th and 24th of any month
  • Birth Number is 9: if you are born on the 6th, 15th and 25th of any month
  • Birth Number is 8: if you are born on the 8th, 17th and 26th of any month

5. Life path number
This is the total sum of the following digits. Birthday: Month, day and year. Once these are added together, one absent together in order to get one digit.

6. The Attitude Number
The sum of the digits in the day, month of the birth date, again, reduced to one digit.

Okay, so for now let's briefly look at how we can find out our love match through using our name and numerology. Below I have created a numerology image that shows "how" we can work out a love match! 

Numerology Love Names

The image below I have summarised here as follows: 




Firstly, we take the name Sarah Greg then we add the vowels

Sarah Greg is soul number: 3

A+ A+ E = 3

Frank knight is soul number: 2

A + i = 2

To get the personality number, we add the rest of the letters in the name of each to reduce them to one digit.

Sarah Greg is personality number: 6

S + R + H + G + R+ G = 6

Frank knight is personality number: 9

F + R + N + K + K + N + G + H + T = 9

If for example, the name is 12 this is reduced down to 1 + 2 = Personality number 3.

The next step is to do the following: Soul numbers + Personality Number = Power Name Numbers.


1 and 1 = Great combination.

You will have a happy love life. Filled with unexpected surprises. You are great together.

1 and 2 = Complex relationship.

You and your partner can successfully have a partnership if you work together. In numerology this match works best if the male goes to work and the female stays at home. This would be the best combination for such a relationship.

1 and 3 = Challenging but happy fit.

 if you are one in three there may be many problems that you will face in life. This could be through career choices or business relationships. The number three partner enjoys peaceful times and is rather artistic. The number one is a doer. The combination of these two indicate a challenging but content fit.

1 and 4 = Minor Difficulty.

The number one enjoys their own independence. This can create a number of challenges going forward. The number four enjoys being the leader. This can create some conflict life.  objective is to always be honest with each other. Both partners will be strong and determined.

1 and 5 =Naturally a great fit.

Both partners enjoy independence. They will grow and transform with each other. The number one will have a straightforward view of life. The number five will complement the number one and romance and passion will remain within the relationship.

1 and 6 = Harmonious.

This is a good combination to have. a number six is very caring and is the most harmonious number of all. The problem with this combination is that the number one does not hold back. They will sense the need for confrontation. The jealousy of number one may annoy a number six. The number six is focused on being placid. They may have a number of problems to face but will have a loving relationship.

1 and 7 =Naturally good partnership.

this partnership indicates a sense of justice. The two lovers deserve each other. They are both extremely different in everything they do. They will strive to create a harmonious environment.

1 and 8 = Sometimes difficult.

this relationship signifies possible ups and downs. There is an issue of trust and the number one does not purposely want to hurt their partner, but sometimes they will show signs of selfishness. There is a loving, caring relationships with this combination.

1 and 9 = Comfortable fit.

These lovers are generally well respected. The number nine is often quite a caring individual. The number nine has emotional extremes but also compassion and empathy. William Shakespeare was born number nine, they are quite romantic in nature.

In order to make this relationship work the number one needs to be universal in the approach to their lover. The number ones jealousy and selfishness may upset the number nine.

1 and 9: Challenge of assertiveness

Number one is naturally  jealous and assertive in life. The good news is that this combination will often have a smooth relationship the challenge will lie in the number one having to understand the number nine. The number nine can sometimes show traits of being quite hermit -like. This will annoy the number one. It is important that the number nine tries to share things in life. If they do so then this combination will be successful.

2 and 2 = Soul Mates.

If both partners have the same numbers then this is indeed a great match to souls. The only difficulty that the two will face is that the negative traits will be common. Therefore, they are so similar that they may not get on at times. All in all, this partnership is likely to be paired very well. They will show support of one another especially in difficult times.

2 and 3 = A good, honest partnership.

Both these partners take life seriously. They are good together. They have lots in common and the three always has something challenging them. The number to enjoy’s being behind the curtain in life. They do not want to be centre of attention, unlike the number three. The number three will tend to feel awkward when they are not in a love relationship. It is assumed that a single hood is not a normal process. The number two will give perfection in every relationship. Partnering with a soulmate will enable the three to get the best from life.

2 and 4 = Fantastic but some trouble if they meet later in life.

Number four values the family. They enjoyed building up family unit and being the breadwinner. This is great for the number two. And number two enjoys nothing more spending quality family time. There is a need for fulfilment in romantic relationships for both numbers. There may be some difficulty if these two partners meet at a latter stage of life where a family with another partner is established. However, they are a good combination and it is a good recipe for having an incredible romantic life.

2 and 5 = Insecure relationship.

The number two is associated with being kind and loving but they are easily hurt by others. They have a love of freedom but are often burned with responsibility. The good news is that the five can support the number two in life. The number five has lots of freedom and they are curious. They are very highly sexed and their life will be adventurous. This is good for the number two as it is “exciting” but does not provide enough security which the number two would like. There is bound to be lots of chemistry but it’s whether this chemistry can see this relationship through. The number two can be rather insecure.

2 and 6 = Great match!

This is a fantastic combination, the number two temperament is loving and caring. Number six enjoys responsibility and also acts as a “forgiven” parent when it comes to the home. The number six know that they can set an example Here we have a combination of strong family values. Both numbers usually do well in positions of responsibility and trust. This is a fantastic relationship that will enable both parties to be happy and have confidence. They both have a strong need for love. Both these numbers see the family as a priority.

2 and 7 = Difficult relationship.

The traits of the seven means at times they like to be by themselves and they do not want people to invade their space. They may spend a long time looking at a relationship and analysing this. There is a lack of shared ambition this relationship. The number two values family life. There does seem to be an indication that not many things are in common. Comparison of both these numbers suggests that this relationship will be seldom easy. Be sure to keep the lines of communications open.

2 and 8 = Could be a success!

The number two can easily be hurt this is one of their negative trait number eight is very ambitious. They learn how to save money and execute their talents well. They are an expert in business matters and taking charge. This combination may struggle because of the hard working eight. The eight likes to organise things and will not mind that the number to takes care of the home. The problem arises if there is conflict between the two.

2 and 9 = Peaceful Relationship

Both these combinations enjoy peaceful living. The good news is that both numbers are associated with being family orientated. In fact, the number two numbers relishes the role of being the carer. If we look at both numbers individually, they enjoy being together. They are romantic and there will be passion within this relationship going forward. There's going to be an interesting business proposition or idea between the two and nine numbers. The most important area to consider is “living life to the full” and they must be spontaneous. They have a shared responsibility in life and the family must come first. If they do prioritise the family - then this will mean that the best characteristics will be shown in both the numbers.

2 and 8 = Organisation is important!

The eight as an organiser in life. They enjoy making sure that everything is in its place and are considered a perfectionist. The number two will not mind this. The eight is generally the breadwinner in life and will make sure that the number two is comfortable. If the number two is a male then this indicates that they will lean on the number eight for emotional support even if they are the breadwinner.

2 and 22 = Complicated Relationship.

We have looked at the way that numerology is calculated. You will find many websites show different ways to calculate the love compatibility, however the one used here it's from the ancient scrolls. We have also looked at adding double figures in order to get a single digit, however if the name equals 22 then this is significant. The 22 is a significant number if love numerology. The number 22 has lots of visions they understand what's right and what's wrong. They do find some things are rather unimportant. This could be finance issues or alternatively how they're perceive the world. These little things are unimportant to the number 22 but are important to the number two. There could be possible tension in the relationship going forward.

3 and 5: You get on!

Both these numbers have similar traits. They are spontaneous, friendly, outgoing and have real pleasure spending time with each other. The three is very manipulative in love relationships, they like to see things working well. The five appreciates the three good qualities and understand that they can be somewhat flirtatious. In comparison, the five can be seductive had also this is exciting. The two numbers together indicate a successful combination.

3 and 7 = Serious Relationship.

Seven is associated with seriousness, unlike the number three. The number three does not care too much about other people apart from those in the family unit. One would say that both three and seven are opposites in every way. In essence, each of the numbers has something - the other one needs. In all seriousness, the sevens will have more depth in life. The three has fantastic creative writing ability they also have the ability to multitask they could meet at work due to a combination of successful traits from a career perspective. The only negative side of such relationship is that they must understand each other and make sure that they can resolve any conflict going forward.

3 and 8 = Good Partnership

Number three is naturally jealous and assertive in life. The good news is that this combination will often have a smooth relationship the challenge will lie in the number one having to understand the number eight. The number eight can sometimes show traits of being quite hermit-like. This will annoy the number three. It is important that the number nine tries to share things in life. If they do so then this combination will be successful.

3 and 9 = Immature Partner.

At times the three can come across as being somewhat immature. The nine is serious and wise, they have an immense amount of understanding of how the world works. This can sometimes lead to conflict between the two numbers. The positive traits of this relationship are that the nine tends to benefit greatly from the three’s enthusiasm for the relationship and for life in general. There is an issue with sympathy in terms of this companionship. They need to make sure that they encourage each other in life.

3 and 11 = Creative Relationship.

Both these numbers have creative interests. They enjoy listening to music and spending time with each other. Both these numbers are light-hearted when it comes to life in general. The combination can be either extremely successful or a complete failure. The 11 is quite articulate in the way they speak and communicates well. This will help the number three in all avenues of life.

4 and 6 = Homemakers

This combination is extremely lucky- they create a great loving home. They value the family and the number six is one of the most harmonious numbers within numerology. They are responsible adults and enjoy looking after that family. The problem or issues that may arise from this combination is that they can sometimes get themselves caught into a right. Four and eight

4 and 5 = Conflict but Happy!

This combination means that from times conflict will definitely happen. At times there is also periods of change. This can unsettle the number 4. At the same time, the number 5 will show all her support for this to change and make sure the partnership remains strong. They must be willing to share the ambition and the vitality of life. The number 4 understands that we only have one life and that we must grasp it.

4 and 4 = Soul Mates

If both partners have the same numbers then this is indeed a great match to souls. The only difficulty that the two will face is that the negative traits will be common. Therefore, they are so similar that they may not get on at times. All in all, this partnership is likely to be paired very well. They will show support of one another especially in difficult times.

4 and 7 = Great Friends and Lovers

This combination on the outset can look harmonious, if we look at the numerology of both numbers it represents that they will get on well. One would say that they are the best of friends, this can also become very difficult if they do become too friendly and lose the intimacy within the relationship. However, this time should be focused upon making sure you get what you want from life. Having a few moments on your own looking at the relationship and how it is is very important to you is essential. This number combination will only work well if the ambition is shared. There is a goal that you must be willing to achieve together. There may be some issues around thinking things are bigger than you really are. It is important to make sure that both of you sacrifice things in a relationship. A shared vision is important.

4 and 8 = Great Relationship.

The four and eight combination it is quite interesting. Numerology can tell us of failed relationships and also those that more successful the combination of the two and eight indicates equal souls. They are both even numbers. Number four would have to come to come to terms with humanity and life in general and indeed all of creation. After a while the four may feel that their sharing life with a parrot and not another. This does not necessarily mean that the combination will not work it means that the two tends to follow the fall in everything. They have so much in common. The four enjoys organisation in order. They are likely to choose a partner whose duty minded and self disciplined. The tube can often raise up to the challenge, both these numbers have a deep love for home life and the family. They do not like insincere reality and confine some people off putting. They are serious minded when it comes to the career because they feel that it is important that they can support their family unit. The most beautiful thing about this relationship is that both these numbers are mysterious in their own ways. They are ambitious for their loved ones and this can become rather obsessive.

4 and 22 = Visionary in life.

We have already seen that the number 22 is visionary in terms of the outlook of life. This can be rather difficult when the four is extremely practical. The four will often not see the ambition and the vision of the number 22 will take it seriously. From a business perspective this combination works well but they can annoy each other in a personal relationship. There can be a lot of conflicting arguments within this number combination especially over material wow. The four will want security but the 22 will often feel that it is important follow a dream. This is not a bad thing but the for his more focused on building a nest egg for the family to enable security. They will both get on quite well at times but there will be many challenges in this relationship stop

5 and 7 = Too much of a party animal.

The five is a social animal. They need to be constantly challenged in a social perspective. Generally, they are the leader of the group, this personality trait often conflicts with the number seven. Sometimes if this combination comes together they both do not understand each other. The five appears to need a great social life and to get out. If we conclude, the seven likes to be a hermit and staying watching the TV in the evening. The number five wants to go out to the bar and enjoys having fun with others. In order for this relationship to work the five needs to understand the seven is to not always comfortable to be in social environments. They need to get a good balance of both social side and also “down” time also come together well in order for their relationship to flourish and be romantic.

5 and 9 = Romantic Relationship.

The good news is that both these numbers our romantic and caring. There is a sense that the five will be outgoing and social. They both have a distinct interest in other people. The nine has the ability to add colour and drama to life this can sometimes be very difficult in order to cope with stop the five will often look at the nine for security. However, the nine will not often give the five what he or she wants. The nines undertakings will be sincere within this relationship. There can be difficulty in the sex life. The nine is generally not highly sexed this can annoy the five. Sex is an important part of the relationship, especially intimacy. Even though both these numbers have similar interests there may be an issue with sex drive between them

5 and 11 = Living in a dream.

The eleven is very much focused on living the dream. They often find themselves daydreaming about how different life is going to be. They often spend too much time daydreaming and not applying enough action to change anything. This is where the five it often similar as a combination they both not too practical stop both of these numbers will thrive on a challenge and enjoy anything innovative. They will work well in business together, although from an artistic perspective. in this rela Terror seven table dining did you while you’re putting their relationship progression is needed. At times they feel like they cannot lean on each other and this causes some minor conflict.

6 and 8 = The Homemaking Relationship.

The six is one of the most harmonious signs of numerology. This number is caring and enjoy looking after the home. The six has the ability to work well with others and also in a group. They often share many different interests with the eight. The most important part of this relationship is the home. Both have a stable home life. This can be interesting as they both value the family and the home life over other people. The six generally works well within a group and normally has a significant amount of friends around them the eight however, enjoys time alone. This means that both these numbers in combination can at times has conflict over spending time together - or alone! Generally they are a successful combination.

6 and 6 = The Same

These two may stay together forever or they may not. Each couple that are are a number 6 either get on well or do not at all.

There are many relationships where people stay in them because they are comfortable all because it's financially much safer to stay in the relationship than to leave. Leaving a relationship is one of the hardest things anybody could do. There is a? Whether number 6 (male or female) has the guts to leave is an important question. When they are both 70 years old they want to look back on her life and think they spent it with that person that was also a number 6. Will they have everything from that relationship that they want?

6 and 22: Hard Work Relationship.

The six often feels but they are trying to dumb down the 22 is visionary. The 22 has a goal and a vision to change the world forever. Number six’s enjoy the family and is content with being at the homemaker. If they are male then this suggests that they are happy to let the 22 lead. The problem arises when the 22 is associated with something that is not morally correct, like a business idea that is not moral. The six is very honest and trustworthy and if the 22 does something that is it that is not ethical then this can have a great impact on the union.

7 and 9: Problems Occur.

The Severn has often been described as the hermit they some. They like to hide away from the world and they don't like to let others see how they feel.

In comparison, the nine wants to embrace comfort in life. The nine enjoys a nice tidy home but the seven is very much focused on being alone, contemplating the world.

There is an issue of embracing the world which remains a conflict within this union. The only way to make sure that this union will survive is to communicate. As the seven wishes to hide away from the world at different times in his life - this becomes difficult. This can create hidden conflicts between the two numbers. The good news is that a loving relationship will be achieved eventually if communication is at the heart of their relationship.

7 and 8 = Reliance.

The 11 is sometimes rather clingy they are what we would call an inventive inspirational leader. They have vision about their future and live in a dream world sometimes. They are  imaginative and they wish to be loved by others. They are very much focused on finding the perfect mate who will protect them and cater for them.

it is important for the number 11 to surround themselves with positive people. They enjoy peace and harmony and are generally happily married. They choose their mate wisely.

In comparison, the seven can feel a bit trapped in the relationship with the 11. On a more positive note the seven could be inspired by the 11. The seven may appear to be kind, considerate and gentle but also unassuming. The 11 has many negative traits such as jealousy and emotional extremes. They could also be signs of violence in this relationship. The good times will however outweigh the bad.

8 and 22: Secure Relationship.

This is a great combination - a perfect love match! They are associated normally in business and also love. Both of these numbers are strong-willed but they may have conflict at times. They are both independent with great leadership abilities. The 11 being highly creative will push the nine into executing goals. Later in life they can together get enough money behind them to make things smoother. It is their goal to have enough material wealth in order to bring up their family in a loving, secure home.

9 and 11: Creative Partnership.

This combination is rather interesting they are artistic but they are also creative. What do we mean by that? They can succeed in creative fields but they also both have an interest in government and the political outlook of life.

The 11 can sometimes act like the 2 in various ways. If we quickly look at the partnership there is much focused on creative times.

The two is an underlying number because 1+1 = 2.

They can act like the two - focused on the family and this will prevent them from taking any risks in the business world. This combination means that to be successful they need to communicate well.

Even though they have similar interests they also need to recognise that they need individual time alone. There is a definite need to give-and-take. Neither one of them can be the “boss” but they can together fight the world.

5 and 5: Great Lovers.

This partnership is strong but it is important that they keep the lines of communication open between them. Talking to each other it is extremely important and the sense of humour also helps the relationship.

6 and 6: Homemakers.

If both partners have the same numbers then this is indeed a great match to souls. The only difficulty that the two will face is that the negative traits will be common. Therefore, they are so similar that they may not get on at times. All in all, this partnership is likely to be paired very well. They will show support of one another especially in difficult times. The six is both focused on career and a great family life. This combination of numbers indicates that you may be visionary in life. This is indeed a fantastic trait but it is important to make sure that you do not end up with pie in the sky ideas.

7 and 7 = Strong partnership

Very strong egos in both your numbers, therefore the most important trait in successful relationships between your numbers is to communicate on a regular basis. The 7 number has a temperament of a genius at times. There may be hidden talents as well. On a negative note the number can be subjective and also has terrible mood swings. This can result in extreme violence in arguments between the two it is important to make sure that your dreams and visions controlling life and that you have the practicability to make your dreams and visions countries.

By Florance Saul
Dec 4, 2016