What does the name Giacinta mean?

The name Giacinta will be pronounced as JHAACHiyNTah.

It means ​Hyacinth. Giacinta is Greek in origin which is German. Giacinta is really a variant of Hyacinth (English). Giacinta is not listed in the top 1000. 

What does the name Giacinta mean?

  • Origin: Italian
  • Quick Meaning: Hyacinth
  • Number of letters: 8, Those 8 letters total to 37
  • Gender: Girl

What does Giacianta mean spiritually?

Giacinta is a numerical 8, therefore they can become too careless and extravagant due to all their latent energy and joie de vivre. Giacinta, if this is your name, you should pay more attention to your career - and less focus on speed. Due to the "cian" part of your name you often forget to consider the feelings of others and can be impulsive and outspoken when you are not being understood. You can also be proud and inclined to exaggerate. Obviously, these are the negative traits Giacinta. 

What are the positive traits of Giacinta?

  • Hard worker and career minded.
  • Focused on feelings and you are caring, Giacinta
  • Lucky

What are the negative traits of Giacinta?

  • Sometimes does not consider other people
  • Worries at times over small things

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012