Carmel girls name meaning

Carmel's origin is Hebrew, and in the bible, it means a mountain and a garden. A garden spiritually is about moving forward in life to see the great things that gardens can bring, healing, focus and enjoying the lush green grass. This is a summary of your life if you are known as Carmel. In this name meaning, I will go over spiritually what your name means. It is also the name of a mountain in Israel, Mount Carmel is in Israel near the city of Haifa, and is often referred to as a type of paradise.

From the term karmel it means an orchard, fruit garden or successful land. The name is famous from the saint: Our Lady of Attach Carmel. The Book of Kings in the Bible recorded that will Elijah rebuilt an altar to Yahweh around the mountain, which was also famous because of its fruitfulness. The name Carmel is popular; it is 58 forms which can be used in both equally English and foreign languages. English sorts of the name include Carmal, Carmaletta, Carmalit, Carmalita, Carmalla, Carman, Carmania, Carmarit, Carmele, Carmeli.

Carmel is an uncommon girl's name. At the height of it is used in 1914, 0. 012% of baby girls were named Carmel (worldwide). This had a rank of #588 in 2010. The baby name has steeply lowered in popularity since then. In Biblical terms, the name of Carmel is associated with harvest and a fresh good time. The bible mentions camels in the bible and this does not have an “r” which is associated with the Book of Genesis.

What is the detailed meaning of Carmel?

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Quick Meaning: Garden, woodland and mountain
  • Number of letters: 6, Those 6 letters total to 25
  • Gender: Girl
  • Latin: Female Fruitful orchard, as Mount Carmel in Palestine.
  • Hebrew: Female Garden or Vinyard.
  • Famous bearer: The Carmelite order of mendicant friars was founded in the 12th century on Mount Carmel.
  • English: Male Variant of Carmine: Garden.
  • Celtic: Female From the vineyard.
  • Biblical: Male Circumcised lamb, harvest, full of ears of corn. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name]
  • Biblical: Female Circumcised lamb, harvest, full of ears of corn. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name]

What is the numerology of Carmel?

Carmel carries the expression number seven. What does this mean? It basically embodies thought, analysis, investigation, and exclusivity. Number seven normally hold a sharp mind and are someone that you would warm to. This makes you able to spot the difficulties in your relationships with them - and fix them. Carmel's a master at understanding people and has a passion for science, this is due to the "men" in the name. You're the kind of person who can forgive easily. As your name starts with a C you are able to investigate complex scientific or faith-based topics, as well as occult or religious work. As a Carmel you naturally enjoy this type of work - especially understanding and reading about occult topics. In life, due to the nature of others, it could be hard to understand other people. It is also true to say that you are rational and have a keen approach to new situations. Although you are logical, it can sometimes seem that you lack the ability to feel deep emotion. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, it can make it more difficult to cope. If we turn to the tarot, this is a tool for the seeker and the finder of truth. Carmel due to the six letters in the name has a clear and persuasive view of life.

What is the spiritual meaning of Carmel?

Carmel is a very spiritual name, derived from a mountain in Palestine that is full of spiritual energy and delight, known as the Mount Carmel. Mount Carmel is an ancient landmark that is associated with our own freedom spiritually in life. Regardless of the difficulties (yes there will be a few) you face in your life, you have the skills to handle them. Due to the “ar” in the middle of the name, you seem to come across as being intelligent and can think critically. Your analytical skills are excellent. Investigations and understanding the larger picture appeal to you. You can see clearly and find solutions to problems when you have the right tools. The other area that I need to mention is that privacy is important to you, so you prefer to work alone. At times, you will need the internal energy and time to be able to think clearly without being criticized by others. It’s true to say that as you navigate the teenage years - study methods and ideas are unique, if you have found it easy to study then this is due to the spiritual mountain of vibrations from your name. Marriage will be (if you are not yet married) still a very important part of your life, even though life can be difficult at times. The most important takeaway from this spiritually is you need your own privacy and space. With a balanced life, you will be attractive and captivating. Children are sometimes your whole world.

What does it mean if you are choosing the name, Carmel?

The baby name Carmel is lovely, it is a name that I attach with a “charming environment and person. It is unusual and quite unique to choose this baby name. When we have to choose a name for our baby girl it is one of the hardest things. I also believe you just know the name that pops into your head which might be a call from your spiritual guides. 

What is the numerological meaning for the name Carmel?

The main number for Carmel is a number 7. First of all the most important thing to look at is that Carmel begins with “c.” Therefore, the letter C relates to people that enjoy their life. your goals and values. If your mother appears independent and distant, you may withdraw from others' love. At all costs, avoid self-centeredness and egocentrism.  


The consonants are: C-R-M-L and the vowels are A and E

  • A = 1
  • C= 3
  • L= 3
  • M = 4
  • E = 5
  • R =9

If we add these up we get 25 and then we add 2+5 which equals 7. That is how we find the numerology of Carmel. Therefore, the number 7 is the life path number. I am going to talk about your life path now. As your total name calculates to 25 this means that you will have success and advancement are largely determined by your ability to understand, evaluate, and answer critical questions and many people warm to you. Due to the “car” at the beginning of the name intelligence might increase with age. The seven in numerology can indicate a positive spiritual outlook. Trust is the main issue for you Carmel. Yes, in life, insufficient trust sometimes exists. Being introverted can make you a bit self-centred. As a number 7, it will mean that you will wish to from home at your own pace, in your own space, and at your own pace if you prefer. Seven is also spiritually in my view, a trademarked number. It's my favourite. On a downer, it can also mean sometimes you judge people too soon but indicates you can relate to people well. It is possible for a person like you to become involved in intelligence and hidden fact searches, gaining expertise in a topic of interest to you. It may be of a technical, technological, religious, or occult nature.

Due to your natural inclination, Carmel, to discover, you can become a great lady, mother, sister, or wife. Any problem you face will be solved by using calmly approaching this. At times, you will become so rational that you lose all feeling. Managing emotional situations can be challenging as a result. Understanding complex topics and searching for hidden principles are two skills you possess.

Spiritual guidance for the name Carmel

What is my advice to you Carmel? Raising your vibration can create space for miracles. Creating a space in your life to receive love from the universe creates the conditions for it. Creating a spiritual practise reminds you every day that you deserve support and miracles. I do feel due to the C-a-r-m-e-l letters that spiritual vibrational levels will need to be raised. 

When you raise your vibration, you'll follow the path that feels most natural to your heart. You will be less likely to dwell on the things that make you uncomfortable. In order to return to your natural state, you will experience a shift in your feelings and thoughts when you feel uncomfortable. So I bet you are wondering how to raise your vibration? Meditation and mindfulness is important for you Carmel. Also watching the things you watch on TV, negative programs or documentaries are often not good for our own vibrational levels. If you are living in stress then remember that due to the letters in your name it is important to raise your vibrations. 

Is Carmel a good name?

Yes, it is a biblical name and is associated with someone who is positive in life. 

Where is Carmel name from?

The name comes from the bible. It is an ancient name and is associated with different instances in scripture. It comes from the mountain.

Is Carmel in the bible?

Yes, Carmel is In the Bible, the name Carmel appears. I will now cite instances of this name. Joshua 15:55 refers to the city of Judah in the Book of Samuel. Secondly, Carmel is mentioned as the location where Sul built a statue after defeating the Amalekites ( 15:12). Samuel 25.2 also mentions Carmel as the location of Nabal's possessions. Also, Saul built a monument at Carmel after his expedition against the Amalekites. Carmel is located to the north of Maon and is close to it.

Carmel's life between 16-30 years old

Between this time up to the age of 30, you will find it difficult to relate to people. You may feel envious of people who have more than you do. Spiritually, your greatest challenge in life will be to maintain your independence without becoming isolated or unimpressive. It is important to accept others as co-workers in order to maintain your unique perspective on the world. Also, career will be important in this stage of your life. 

Carmels life between 35-45 years old

From time to time, we all have difficult thoughts and feel frustrated and disconnected this may happen to you Carmel at this stage in our life - it is much like a mid-life crisis. The message here is a call from the depths, the angels, our souls, and the universe to raise our vibration, raise our energy, and gain the ability to lead, guide, and teach the world.

Carmels life between 45-55 years old and over

Middle age in your life Carmel denotes rest and happiness. Due to the “arm” in the middle of your name it is time to relax and be at ease in life. As a Carmel and a number 7, you are more likely to settle down at this age. Whether or not you are "happy" depends on how your soul is interacting with your body. When we accept our mission and spiritual gifts, our inner selves are awakened and empowered.

Summary of the name Carmel

Carmel’s is a wonderful name, spiritually you are attractive to your family members and charming in social situations, showing your interest and energy readily, but you're likely to be acutely aware of the need to "come off the stage" and keep your fit on the ground.  I would describe you, due tot the spiritual CARMEL in your name having a peaceful and private personality. Because you protect your emotions, people perceive you as cold, and you find it difficult to be close to people that are not for you. 

Positive traits

  • Leader and loves to take on challenges
  • Due to the letter C at the beginning of the name Carmel is spiritual
  • Does not take no for an answer - always tries

Negative traits

  • Likes to be alone at times
  • Can be self-contained

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012