Carly name meaning

From the male version "carl" Carly is the female version. I am here to help you uncover what your name Carly or potential babies name means. The woman's name Carly is pronounced KAARLiy.

Carly's origin is German and it is predominantly used in English-speaking countries as a girl's name. The alternative spellings for this name are Carli and Karlee, this suddenly became a popular name due to an American singer and children's author Carly Elisabeth Simon. Carly was an amazing songwriter and she had risen to fame with a number of top 40 songs. 

As I have already said, this name is based on the male version which is Carl, the male name derives from the name Charles. This always reminds me of the famous Prince Charles in England. Is it a royal name? Yes, queens have been called Carla in the past so I do think there is something "royal" about the name.

Personality traits of Carly?

According to legend, and my research numbers are the key to our inner personalities and from our names, we can uncover the true meaning of our personality. I bet you did not know that the letter of our Christian name has an equivalent number, and on top of this, each letter and double letters all mean something. If we use numerology in our names we can add up all the numbers then these can be reduced down to a number and each number has its own meaning. I do like to look at the numbers of our names in order to apply these traits to our personalities. To me, this enables us to uncover our deepest secrets in numerology. So this is my take on the spiritual and numerological meaning of the name Carly. Obviously, it is very hard to shorten the name down as you are just left with the male equivalent which is Carl.

What does the name Carly mean?

  • Origin: German
  • Quick Meaning: Form of Carol
  • Number of letters: 5, Those 5 letters total to 23
  • Gender: Girl
  • Teutonic: Female Womanly.
  • German: Female Feminine form of Carl: Variant of the Germanic form of Charles, meaning: a man.
  • Gaelic: Male Diminutive of Carlin: Small champion.

Positive traits

  • Carly is brilliant at talking to others.
  • Good discussion skills
  • Assisting others in hard times is her skill.
  • Good leadership qualities

Negative traits

  • Can think things are negative when they are positive.

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012