Carlin name meaning

Carlin is pronounced as KAARLihN. According to Irish Gaelic sources, its meaning is "little champion."

Carlin was famous due to the surname of the American Grammy Award-winning stand-up comedian George Carlin (1937-2008). Moreover, Carlin was suppose to come from the name Caroline. Carlin possesses eleven variations, inclu​ding: Carlan, Carlana, Carlen, Carlina, Carlinda, Carline, Carling, Carlinn, Carlon, Carlyn, as well as Karlon. Carlin is not in the top 1000 baby names.

What is the meaning of Carlin?

  • Origin: German
  • Quick Meaning: Short for Caroline
  • Number of letters: 6, Those 6 letters total to 30
  • Gender: Girl
  • Irish: Male Little champion.
  • German: Male a man.
  • Gaelic: Male Small champion.

Carlin is a unisex name and can be a boy or girl, it means little champion. The name Carlin can be used as a surname and this meaning still applies. Carlin as a surname comes from Ireland which I will explain further down. The name indicates a decedent of Charles. The other spelling of this name is Karlin. If you are seeking a lovely name for your baby Carlin could indicate this would be pretty but I bet you are wondering what this actually means. When we look at the letters in Carlin we can see it ends in “ilin” this can indicate that endings are important to you and that you need to feel in with the crowd. Carlin has six letters and in numerology is associated with a number 3 but what does this mean?

Is Carlin a rare name?

Carlin has been a name used since 1900 and in the last 200 years 5432 girls have been named Carlin, so yes, it is quite a rare name. In the USA during 2021 49 babies have been named Carlin, and the name is rare and unpopular, that is not to say this is a negative thing but it is a rare name.

What does Carlin mean in numerology?

In numerology, we can adjust the letters of the name Carlin to the expression number three. It can show that they are going to be successful, this is because of the first two letters C and A. They are at the start of the alphabet after all. A healthy Carlin is happy, energetic, optimistic, romantic and upbeat. Naturally due to the "ar "in the middle of the name they are generally happy, and spiritual. Unhealthy 3s can get worn down by people - or someone who loves to make up things as they go. Carlin might be so happy living day-to-day but have a distraction from others or struggle with their imagination in the real world. They might lack order and discipline in their lives. I hope this brings you some comfort that your life as Carlin will be full of positive vibes. Energy in the name Carlin is both male and female (due to Carl being a male name) Carlin name encompasses endless energy and will never stop. We will always have energy even after we die. As members of the Oneness of Life, we can move between the physical and the non-physical realms.

Is Carlin a good name?

Yes, it is a rare name. Carlin is a good name if you are looking for a baby name that is unusual. If you are called Carlin it is a great name and is associated with Carl and Charles. Some people don't like the name Carlin but I think that is few and far between. It is a nice name and rare. 

Is Carlin a surname?

Yes, Carlin is a surname that is Irish in origin. It is from a family in Ireland and this is where the name originates from. Carlin the surname can be connected to our hidden desires in life, hidden wisdom is associated with Irish names of this time, and they even had there own coat of arms!

Is Carlin an Irish name?

Yes, Carlin is an Irish name that is also Gaelic in origin, as I have already mentioned it means little champion. It was popular in Ireland in the 1990s and around 123 children in Ireland were named Carlin.

Where is the name Carlin from?

It is from the male name Carl and also Carlin is a surname. It is an Irish name that depends on Carlin which comes from Carla which means wood-comb. The surname Carlin was popular in Limerick and there is much history around the Carlin family of Ireland. 

Is Carlin a bible name?

Carlin is not featured in the bible or considered a biblical name. Carl means a strong man and was not featured in the bible.

Positive traits

  • Carlin is a social person and likes to mix with others
  • It means you are a peacemaker in life    
  • Understanding of others.
  • Can indicate that you are worried at times.  
  • People are good with you
  • Likes peace and quiet

Negative traits

  • Happy go lucky approach to life
  • Lacks determination to be driven in life.

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012