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Carla is pronounced in Dutch and German KAARLaa or in English as KAARLah. I am here to help you with the spiritual meaning.

Carla's origin is German and is a variation of the male name Charles. In addition, Carla is a form of the English Carol from the Latin language. The name increased in popularity between the 1920s and 1960s. Its usage peaked slightly in 1962 where 0.287% of girls were named Carla.

It was #79 in rank then. In 2010, it ranked at #754. It's stated that numbers hold the key to our inner most personality. Each letter inside your Christian name has a number equivalent. 

What is the meaning of Carla?

  • Origin: Anglo Saxon
  • Quick Meaning: Feminine of Charles
  • Number of letters: 5, Those 5 letters total to 17
  • Gender: Girl
  • Spanish: Female Feminine form of Charles: manly.
  • German: Female Feminine form of Carl: Variant of the Germanic form of Charles, meaning: a man.
  • English: Female Feminine variant of Charles: manly.
  • Numerology: 1 Sabian symbol A woman emerges from the water and a seal embraces her.
  • Key Word: Realization Jane Ridder Patrick Healing Body Point.
  • Expression: Obsidian, a black-green-grey volcanic stone. Obsidian acts as a shielding and protective stone. It opens doors to Mermaid Energy and invites it into your life.
  • Message: Knowledge can be channelled from the subconscious to become reality.
  • Sun Focus: You are unique and have a lot of creative and psychic talent.
  • Affirmation: - I will always have comfort through my own knowledge. 

What does Cala mean spiritually?

Spiritually, Cara its considered a number 4 in numerology. When I look at number 4’s in a name I always see a gift wrap and sparkle about this amazing name. Cara can enjoy shocking people. Most rock stars have at least four letters in their names. They are adaptable and can be adapted to any situation. Even if they do not change, they could become bored. Any kind of boundary, and if could blind them your name is Cara it can mean that you are focused on waiting for the right thing in life. Cara is connected to good food and wine. Fours are often associated with gambling and they enjoy the higher stakes of life. Cara can fall in love at any age, especially in their early years. The number four corresponds to the sign, Leo. This can mean Cara enjoys decorating. There has been a connection to how Cara’s can make a party very exciting. 

How popular is the name Cara?

Cara was a popular name in 1977 and has been on the decline since late 1980. In 2020 908 children in the USA were called Cara and 328 in England, so given how popular it was in the 70s and 80s it has declined. In Ireland, Cara is one of the most 25 popular girls' names in 2022, so in some areas, it is still as popular. Cara was also put in the top category of names in 2017 and many celebrities have the name, Cara. 

What does Carla mean in numerology?

I just wanted to talk about the letters in the name Cara. We can see the following in numerology: C = 3 A = 1 R= 9  A = 1 The letters in Carla begin with the letter C now the letters C, L, and U are those that have many creative skills. The types of professions that these excel at are in writing, speaking, acting or theatre.

Typically, the 3 possess an above-average talent in one art form. They are friendly, warm, and good conversationalists. The letters that makeup Carla should be considered in regards to numerology. Firstly, Carla begins with the letter C. In numerology letters, C, L, and U are connected to creative skills. The types of professions that Carla excels in will be teaching, artwork, speaking, acting or presenting to audiences. Typically, a person whose name starts with the 3 letter (C) possesses an above-average talent in one art form. Carla is known to be a friendly, warm, and good conversationalist, due to being a three. 

Positive traits

  • Good leadership
  • Honest at work
  • Hard worker
  • Understanding
  • Careful
  • Willing to try new things
  • Material ideas in life - money making.

Negative traits

  • Lack of development
  • Rigid and obstinate
  • Can be annoyed at people

By Flo Saul
Sep 20, 2012