Carissa Name Meaning

Carissa is French in origin meaning "Tender Touch" we have given the name to tropical and subtropical plants in Africa, Australia as well as Asia. Carissa Macrocarpa is a shrub and you can often find this in Zulu. So what do these shrubs mean? I am going to explain this to you as I like to use spiritual elements when doing a name analysis.

Right, Carissa's are plants that grow to heights varying from 2 to 10 m. The plants have a spiny texture. The leaves are waxy and rectangular, 3–8 cm long, thick and leathery. The flowers are produced throughout the year. Why is this important? The specific characteristics of the plant can be connected to the fact that Carissa may be slightly "spiky" in life. A bit like hiding away from difficult problems in life.

Going back to the name Carissa also means very dear in Latin and Greek. It's stated that numbers hold the key to our innermost personality. Each letter inside your Christian name has a number equivalent. The key meaning of the name Carissa is "tender touch" very much reminds me of the Elvis song.

What does the name Carissa mean?

  • Origin: French
  • Quick Meaning: Tender Touch
  • Number of letters: 7, Those 7 letters total to 25
  • Gender: Girl
  • Latin: Female Artistic or giving; Very dear.
  • Greek: Female Very dear.

Is Carissa a rare name?

I have analysed the baby names of different countries and in America, only 79 babies were called Carissa in 2020, and 89 in the UK. Therefore, it is a rare name. Rare names are quite spiritual and I always recommend it to pick a rare name if you can. It can signal a spiritual development phase of your own as Carissa is a name that is quite unusual. If you are actually called Carissa then this is a positive omen I believe, because it is such a rare name. 

Spiritual meaning of the name Carissa

If you are called Carissa or you are thinking of calling your baby this name this is a great name from a spiritual perspective. It can mean if called Carissa, they can tackle any task and take things in their stride. Carissa often spends time investigating complex scientific or faith-based topics, as well as occult or faith-based work. If this is your name are you spiritual? Carissa also makes a great instructor and teacher. She has a clear rationale and realistic approach to things. Although you are logical, it can sometimes seem that you lack the ability to feel. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, it can make it more difficult to cope.

What does the number 7 mean spiritually?

In order to understand what your name means spiritually - Carissa, we need to look at numerology.

Number seven’s in numerology is connected to analysis, investigation, and exclusivity. As a number seven, Carissa is a true hallmark is a sharp mind. So what is different about the name Carissa? Carissa is quite an interesting name as it has two “ss” in the name and two “ii” this means those with the name Carissa is first, a master at studying people and has a passion for the unknown and secondary it can mean that wealth might be yours. 

Carissa has seven letters in total and implies that you enjoy finding out the truth. Carissa is a name normally given to babies in Ireland as this is a popular name. Carissa as a baby name might also have religious connections. Carissa’s brain is normally sharp and you can think critically. Die to the two “aa” in the name Carissa it means that you are a leader (as letter’s "a" are leaders) it can also mean that they are an analytical thinkers and enjoy investigation work - and you often see things before they actually happen.

What is the meaning of SS in your name?

Ever seen others laughing so much that you just had to join the fun? This is the type of environment that Carissa strives to be in. The double "ss" can suggest hard work. Carissa often like their own privacy and prefers to work alone. To be able to think clearly and without being criticized by others, you will need energy and time. As I have said before, Carissa enjoys performing in front of a crowd or prefers to present her ideas at work. Therefore, Carissa is a natural performer and likes sharing humor and knowledge. This makes her more attractive to other people. Although carissa can be charming in social situations, she loves to show her energy and interests. It is not uncommon for Carissa to want to work alone. This is due to being a seven. Education in life will normally be important because of the numerological 7 which is the heart of her name. I also want to highlight that Carissa can often be introverted, sometimes they are not adaptable and can be critical, as well as being illiberal.

Cassina - Spiritually - What you need to know

In life, Cassina will focus on creating spiritual development. So, what does this mean? Our ability to change our thinking and rewrite our own inner stories is quite a challenge for Cassina due to the association with natural plants. In life, my advice is that Cassina needs to accept that she was worthy of love, and not everyone is trying to hurt her. I do hope you can take some of this and apply to your life beautiful Cassina. x

Positive traits

  • Intelligent and thoughtful in life
  • Cassina is normally a hard worker
  • Cassina is conscientious
  • Normally brave and able to face problems
  • Effective
  • Calm and focused in life

Negative traits

  • Can sometimes be over optimistic
  • Struggles with leadership of younger people, due to the SS in the name Cassina.

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012