What does the name Caitlin mean?

The name Caitlin seems to have been originated from the Greek word "kairos" meaning "pure."

Caitlin means clear in French, this is a girl's name and the name is often spelt in other ways such as Katelin, Kathleen or Kathleen. The name itself comes from the name Kathleen or Cathleen, this was a popular name in the 1970s. There is something quite interesting about the name meaning of Caitlin. The first letters “cat” can indicate balance, a cat’s from a spiritual perspective and in mythology are connected to the goddess Isus and Bastet. Like animals that are sacred if your name is Caitlin, it can indicate that you are always curious. If your name is Caitlin this can indicate that you are a builder in life. Cat’s also deliver spiritual messages and angels have manifested in the form of a cat. If you own cats and are called Caitlin then this can nurture strong bonds. I also urge you to read the book “Angel cats: Divine messengers of comfort” by Allen and Linda C Anderston. This is a great book to review if your name is Caitlin.

One of its common variants is the name, Katherine. Caitlin is of Gaelic origin from the name Cateline. The name Cateline has originated from the word Catherine which is derived from the Ancient Greek word Aikaterine. The popularity of the name Caitlin or Katherine is attributed to the name of St. Catherine of Alexandria.

What does the name Caitlin mean?

  • Origin: Greek
  • Quick Meaning: Form of Catherine
  • Number of letters: 7, Those 7 letters total to 32
  • Gender: Girl
  • Latin: Female Variant of Catherine: Pure, clear. Form of the Latin Katharina, from the Greek Aikaterina. Famous bearers: a number of saints, including St Catherine of Alexandria, a 4th-century martyr who suffered torture on a spiked wheel.
  • Irish: Female Variant of Katherine meaning pure.
  • Greek: Female Form of the Greek Catherine meaning 'pure'.
  • Gaelic: Female Pure. An Irish Gaelic variant of Catherine from the Old French form of the name.
  • French: Female Variant of Catherine: Pure, clear.
  • Japanese meaning: Pure

What is the numerology of Caitlin?

If your name is Caitlin, your numerological chart shows the following:

  • Expression Number - 5
  • Soul Urge Number - 1
  • Personality Number - 4

Learning about your name in numerology, Caitlin, can provide rich opportunities. Each letter in our name helps discover different aspects about yourself and influences your thinking. Although all numbers 1 through 9 have many possibilities, you will experience different things every time you go through different years of your life, depending on where you are in your life. I'm now going to quickly go over what this can mean for you Caitlin. Let's first take your expression number which is a 5. The first question is what is an expression number. This indicates that you have certain talents in life, and provides a focus on your future destiny. Being a 5 and also having "it" in your name can spiritually mean that you are always trying to move forward in life. What is "it" that is important to you? Your soul urge number is 1. 

Most Caitlin's hold a powerful make-up. There is something I want to share with you, if you have had a hard childhood then this is due to the fact that you are always learning being a soul urge 1, also, people who suffer from traumatized memory's may be able to consciously re-experience that trauma when they are influenced by the same vibration again. This may help them move on from the past. When you go through a 10 year-cycle and start a new personal year (as Caitlin you are a soul urge 1), you don't need to return to the same place as before. You will be wiser for having learned from the experiences that you have. You learn the lessons in life. As your soul urge falls on a number 1, it can sometimes feel like you are going backward and forwards. Other problems and situations may be revealed to you when you reach your mid-20s.

Finally, your personality number is a 4 this can indicate that you are sensitive. You may find yourself emotionally taking on others' feelings. You might see a friend in crisis and feel their pain so strongly that you decide to take their hand. We also need to look at the first 4 letters in your name "cait." The name Cait is another name for Kate and is Irish in origin. It can mean someone who is a lovely person and enjoys the company of others. 

What is my spiritual message to Caitlin?

You have two "ii" in your name Caitlin. This means that you are awake spiritually. Double letters in spiritual name meaning are important. You can take too much emotional energy on a daily basis (especially if you are sensitive already), or care for the sick or infirm. Everybody experiences stress when their emotions turn upside down. But, making decisions that can help you to remain emotionally balanced over the long term can make a big difference in your overall health. The more love you bring into your life, and the lives of those around you, the more joy you feel. You may find yourself working hard around 35 ish in your career and will be more focused in success.

What are the positive traits of Caitlin?

  • Flexible
  • Able to put other people before your own
  • Focused on career and success
  • Great at giving others advice

What are the negative traits of Caitlin?

  • Sometimes you worry too much in life
  • Can feel stress about simple things
  • Can worry about things sometimes

By Flo Saul
Sep 20, 2012