Name Meaning of Brunhilde

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Brunhilde is a name primarily used in the Dutch and German language.

The name means being armed for a battle. If you are thinking of a baby name brunhide it is a strong defensive name to choose. The two-element name is produced from the words 'brunni' and 'hild' which in turn means Armour, safety and battle. An older version of Brunhilde is Brynhildr (Old Norse). in Norse mythology, Brunhilde was the warrior queen as well as the wife of Günther; she was the central character in the epic poem Nibelungenlied. The historical basis of the character is Brunhilda (543-613), a Frankish queen infamous for her cruelty and avarice. 

Brunhilde, a Germanic feminine name meaning "armored fighter woman." It could be a variant on the name Brynhildr which carries the same meaning. Brunhilde can be found in many fiction works, as I have already mentioned. Brunhilde is a determined and strong woman who knows exactly what she wants in her life. She is always active and on the move.

What does the name Brunhilde mean?

  • Origin: Teutonic
  • Quick Meaning: Battle Maid
  • Number of letters: 9, Those 9 letters total to 48
  • Gender: Girl
  • Teutonic: Female Armored battle maiden.
  • German: Female Dark or noble.

What is the spiritual meaning of Brunhilde?

To reach your full potential, if your name is Brunhilde you need to learn how to manage the hypersensitivities and insecurity as they are a numerology number 9. You could achieve mental, emotional, and social balance while remaining grounded. This is possible with determination and effort. Brunhilde's life number is 5. Therefore, Brunhilde is a strong, determined person who can be a taskmaster, builder and active, a life path number 5 represents adventure, variety, and change.

Numerological and spiritual meanings can be given to the letters of the name Brunhilde. There is a possibility that the letter R represents adventure change, physical strength, energy, optimism, and a positive outlook can all be attributed to the letter B. There is also a connection between this letter and Fire, a symbol of passion and power. Symbolically, the letter R represents strength and energy. Positive outlooks and optimism can also be represented by this symbol. Adventure and change might be symbolized by the letter U. Passion and determination might be represented by the letter H. Self-control and determination may be represented by the letter I. The letter D could signify passion and determination. I also feel that the letter E could signify determination and willpower.

What are the positive traits for the name Brunhilde?

  • Will fight to the end due to the defensive name of Brunhide.
  • Peacemaker - enjoys peace and prefers not to be in conflict.

What are the negative traits for the name Brunhilde?

  • Happy go lucky approach to life
  • Lacks the confidence to be driven in life
  • Indecisive at times

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012