What does the name Brooke mean?

The name Brooke is unisex, though it is by far more popular for girls.

It is pronounced​d as BRuw-K. Brooke has its origins are from the Old English language. The meaning of Brooke is 'dweller because of the brook'. This comes from broc meaning 'brook'. If you are thinking of calling your baby Brooke then this is a name that is emotionally connected.

I would like to mention the brook in regards to water, as this is important when understanding the name of Brooke. The brook has been connected to spiritual development and power. This is one of the earth's greatest resources, therefore if you are thinking of calling your baby Brookie then it is important to understand the spiritual meaning of water. Water itself is a natural resource and is used in various spiritual and religious rituals throughout the world. In fact, for thousands of years human beings of use water sacrifice and also protection. If you think about water itself it has many movements, colors and it draws our attention. Look at how many people visit the sea during the summertime. Water itself is a symbolism of life and the aborigines believed that water provides us with spiritual growth power. Therefore, the name Brooke is spiritually connected.

How popular is Brooke in the USA?

The name was first made popular by the USA socialite Brooke Astor (1902-2007); it later received widespread popularity because of the actress Brooke Glasses (1965). The name increased in popularity between the 1960s to the 1990s. At the peak it was popular in 1996 when 0.351% of girls were named Brooke.

What are the variations of the name Brooke?

Variations are Bjorg, Björg, Breaze, Brec, Breck, Brees, Breese, Breez, Wind, Brek, Brice, Briez Brookes, Brooks, Bryce, Bryze, Burg, Byork, along with Baracka.

What is the spiritual meaning of the name Brooke?

In order to understand this, I need to remind you that the name means a brook, which is connected to water as I have outlined above. The double "oo" in the name can indicate there will be surprises in life. 

You don't like to be criticized Brooke, in fact, no one likes to be criticized, but we must make a choice between critiquing ourselves and accepting the opinions of others. We also have to decide whether to take the risk of being open about our thoughts and feelings regardless of the consequences.  If you don't speak or act according to what you truly believe and feel, then you will never be socially accepted. Are you looking to be happy and socially accepted? Do you prefer to fit in? Are you looking to have a real connection in your work, relationships, and personal life? Or would you prefer to be controlled and controlled by the opinions, judgments, and criticism of others?

These are questions you need to ask yourself. Understanding that you are more than just your own thoughts and voices, will help you reach happiness and strengthen your ability to be yourself, there is a danger Beatrix that you over seek approval, love, and acceptance from others, this is your spiritual lesson. Through rough meditation, self-reflection, and emotions you can heal from the past. 

What does the quick name of Brooke mean?

  • Origin: Old English
  • Quick Meaning: The Brook
  • Number of letters: 6, Those 6 letters total to 30
  • Gender: Girl
  • English: Male Lives by the stream.
  • English: Female Water; stream. Actress Brooke Shields.

What are the positive traits of Brooke?

  • Due to the connection with water Brooke is emotionally mature.
  • Likes others and social occassions
  • Enjoys material posessions

Negative traits

  • Can be over emotional at times (due to water element in name)
  • Worries too much at times

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012