What does the name Bobbie mean?

Bobbie is derived from the Greek Barbaros and is a unisex name. It can indicate travel and foreign lands. This name is not that popular and ranked in at 3780 in the United States for girls names.

The name means in German the brightest flame. If a child is called Robert or the female version of Roberta it is a shortened nickname normally. There is something interesting in the name Bobbie spiritually, it can indicate that there is great things to come due to the double "bb" Additionally "bob" indicates spiritually to work together with spirit guides in order to understand the power within life.

What is the spiritual meaning of the name Bobbie?

Spiritually, Bobbie indicates that you long to be a responsible caregiver as a 6 Soul. Your heart is full of love. Your soul desires to bring beauty, love, and harmony into the world, so that everyone can feel loved, happy, and healed. You are a 6 and you are motivated by beauty, love family, relationships. You fulfill your heart's desire when you make the world a better place, provide support, and offer unconditional love. Life lessons include:

  • Accept, let go and move on
  • Respect others' boundaries
  • Recognize love in all its forms

What is the meaning of Bobbie?

  • Origin: English from Robert
  • Quick Meaning: Travel and foreign lands
  • Numerology: The name Bobbie has 6 letters includes 3 consonants and vowels. Bobbie is a number 8.
  • Gender: Girl or boy
  • English: Nickname of Robert
  • Danish: Male Commanding.
  • Chinese: Male warrior.

Positive traits of Bobbie?

Bobbie is a hard worker. The positive aspect of her character is to try hard in life. 

Negative traits of Bobbie?

Sometimes Bobbie can get too carried away at work and start to neglect her home life.

By Florance Saul
Dec 23, 2012