What does the name Beryl mean?

Beryl is a unisex name but it is most popular for girls.

It is prounce​d BEH-RihL. Beryl means intelligent. It is most popular in the English and The German language. The name comes from a yellow-green emerald. The jewel name beryl is derived via the Greek berullos on the Sanskrit vaidurya. In the Bible, the eighth foundation stone with the wall of New Jerusalem was named beryl. The name had been adopted by English speakers at the end of the nineteenth century, along with other jewel-related names of this time.

Variations of Beryl are Beral, Berila, Berill, Beryle, Berylla, and Berylle. Beryl is rare as a female name. It was at it's peak in popularity in 1912 when 0. 025% girls were named Beryl. The name at that time had a ranking of #376. The baby name has suffered a substantial drop in usage since then. 

  • Quick Meaning: A green Jewel found in the bible
  • Number of letters: 5, Those 5 letters total to 26
  • Gender: Girl
  • German: Female Intelligent.

What is the biblical meaning of the name Beryl?

Beryl is a girls name of Greek descent. It means green gemstone and is a beautiful girl's name. Over time the name has fallen a great deal but was popular in the 1950s. Beryl is featured as a gemstone mentioned in the bible and the fourth stone that was loved by Lucifer before he became the enemy of god in Ezekiel 28:13. 

What is the numerological meaning of the name Beryl?

I do like to look at many meanings of the names from a spiritual context. Beryl has four letters and "ber" indicates that there is a focus on spiritual development in life, especially as this is a jewel in the bible. You are a jewel to life, Beryl. 

Numerology is fascinating. There are many books, workshops, and professional training available. You can also create your own numerology by writing down the meanings of each number. It is a great gift that can help you live a richer life, Beryl, now let's move onto your numerology. If we sum up the letters of Beryl they equate to the numerological number of 8. Number 8 represents the law of karma or the quality of what you give back to others and life. You may be wondering why you might win the lottery this year, or if you are even in an unusual situation.

What is the spiritual meaning of Beryl?

Think about how Beryl was featured in the bible, a kind of Lucifer. She is a great Advocate, who doesn't hesitate at times to misrepresent the truth and to falsify evidence but always obliges the disciple and love at the end, to refine her feelings, and pitilessly dispel false pretenses. In other words, you must believe what appears. Let's learn more about the language of the Beryl. This lady is a magician, and she has many tricks up his sleeves to make sure she gets what she wants, that is never a bad thing and you will be admired by many.

Who are famous people called Beryl?

Famous Beryls are Beryl Grey who was a ballet dancer, a British actress is known as Beryl Reid who was born in 1919 and died in October 1996, there was a Dame Beryl Margaret Brainbridge who was a writer from Liverpool. An actress who was Spanish-born known as Beryl Mercer was also famous she died in 1939. 

What are the positive traits of Beryl?

  • Principal qualities: Charm, intelligence, imagination. Principal flaws: Impulsive and individualistic. He insists on living at her own pace.
  • Always works hard at her tasks

What does the word Beryl mean?

Interestingly in the dictionary, Beryl is a mineral. Known as Beryllium Aluminium silicate. This is green normally but can also be in different colors. The principal color is green and the ore of beryllium.

What are the negative traits of Beryl?

  • Can misplace the truth as I mentioned above
  • Can get depressed at times

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012