What does Bertina mean?

Bertina means bright or shining. It's origins are German and is largely used in both the English and German languages. Bertina is just not widely used, it is not listed within the top 1000 names. 

Detailed Meaning

  • Origin: Teutonic
  • Quick Meaning: Bright, Shining
  • Number of letters: 7, Those 7 letters total to 33
  • Gender: Girl

What is the spiritual message for Bertina?

As you are a 7 and also have "bert" at the start of your name communication is the most important skill of life. Communication is a key skill that we use constantly. This will be a key skill for you in life. There are many courses that you can take to improve your communication skills. What about listening? Listening is the key to understanding what others say. Listening is more important than speaking. You will find it easier to communicate with all walks of life on your journey. We must remember, that talking to others and making sure that we have good relationships is not something we are not taught, but this comes naturally to you Bertina.

So, Bertina, your ability to communicate, influence, negotiate and persuade others is essential to all you do in your life. Effective people in all areas are those who can organize and coordinate the assistance and cooperation of others to achieve important goals and objectives.

Positive traits of Bertina

  • Loves to talk to others and help them
  • Enjoys the company of others
  • Focused on work

Negative traits of Bertina

  • Often seems to do too much
  • Spends too much money.

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012