What does the name Benita mean?

Benita means a blessed female, and is the female version of Benedict. A babies name is an important spiritual choice in my view. If you are considering choosing Benita then I am here to help you uncover the meaning and of course the spiritual significance of the name. If you are called Benita, then please let me share with you the spiritual messages of this name.

What does the name Benita mean?

It is used largely in English and Spanish language. Benita is an uncommon girl's name. It was most popular in 1961 where 0. 023% girls were named Benita. The name has substantially lowered in popularity ever since then. Benita is a pretty name for a girl. Spiritually there are many things I wish to share with you. Firstly, the start of this name includes "ben" which is the son of Jacob in the bible. Therefore, the biblical meaning of Benita indicates that you are blessed. 

  • Origin: Latin
  • Quick Meaning: The Blessed
  • Number of letters: 6, Those 6 letters total to 24
  • Gender: Girl
  • Spanish: Female A feminine form of the Latin Benedict meaning blessed.
  • Latin: Female Blessed. Feminine of Benedict.

What are the numerology traits for Benita?

In numerological terms Benita, your name is closely linked to ben but you are a 6. This indicates that sometimes the number 6 is connected with your true personality. Numerology's ancient wisdom will not only benefit you in your own life, Benita, but also help you to understand and improve the lives of others. Wisdom is power and you have the ability to understand others. Use what you have to inspire and empower others. The Universe will provide you with plenty of opportunities to serve the greater good if you are determined to do so, being a 6 here are my own spiritual considerations of your name and the fact it is closely linked to Benedict. 

My spiritual lessons for Benita?

  • Please share your feelings with your partner or lover as sometimes you can keep these within and too frightened to tell people how you really feel
  • You need to look inwards in order to understand the feelings of others which you sometimes struggle with
  • To achieve your goals and to attain desired outcomes you need to remain focused
  • Communicating well is key to success in any situation. This equals being more intelligent and emotionally aware
  • Try to learn the art and skill of skilled listening
  • To ask for what you want in life Benita - sometimes you don't

You can navigate life easier and more effectively if you are able to listen to others and read their energy flow. You'll be one step ahead of the rest if you learn to read people. You may notice an increase in energy, vitality, and productivity during the years 16, 26, 36, 46, and 56. This is because you are releasing accumulated emotions and you come out as a number 6. You can positively impact your health by letting go of any pent-up emotions that are causing you problems during these years.

What are Benita's positive traits?

  • Considerate
  • Caring nature
  • Nurturing towards others
  • Kind

What are Benita's negative traits?

  • Sometimes finds it hard to share with others
  • Does not say no to others

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012