What does the name Bella mean?

What does the name Bella mean?

Bella is a female name, normally a variation of Isabelle, Isabella or Annabella. Bella always reminds me of the wonderful bluebell! It is a pretty name and if you are considering calling your baby Bella then this is a popular name across the world. 

Bella Swan was featured in the series Twilight has made the name popular. Bella had abilities against vampires and she became a vampire. Clearly, this is a celebrity name and in addition, Belle is the lead in the play Beauty and the Beast. 

Bella's are super confident people but often ask questions such as How did I get here? Why am I here? Bellas values being healthy, happy, understood and her needs fully met in relationships. I'm here to help you uncover the true name meaning for Bella and the deep spiritual messages for this name. So, whether you are called Bella, going out with a Bella or thinking of naming your baby Bella there are some key facts I would like to share with you.

What does the name Bella mean?

"Bella" is related to the Italian meaning of beautiful. This name is popular and ranks 60th as the most popular Christian name in the world during 2012.

  • Origin: French
  • Quick Meaning: Beautiful
  • Number of letters: 5, Those 5 letters total to 18
  • Gender: Girl
  • Spanish: Female Beautiful. Diminutive of Isabel: Devoted to God. A Spanish variant of Elizabeth.
  • Latin: Female Beautiful. Diminutive of Amabel, Annabel, Belinda, or Isabel.
  • Hungarian: Female Intelligent.
  • German: Female Diminutive of Belinda: From the Old German Betlindis, which is derived from the word for snake.
  • French: Female Fair. Lovely one. Sometimes used as an independent name associated with the French word belle, meaning beautiful.
  • English: Female Diminutive of Annabel: Variant of the Latin Amabel. Edgar Allan Poe's poem 'Annabel Lee' made the form Annabel popular throughout the English-speaking world in the 19th century. The form Annabelle became popular in the mid-20th century.

What is my spiritual message to Bella?

In early life, before marriage Bellas tend to become unintentionally entrapped in a web of their own weaving this is due to the "ll" in the name because they have not realized that they are waiting for a wholehearted commitment from a true lover. I've found that our mental and emotional health is both the cause of and the result of our own personal suffering. Bella will not settle for just anyone and in early life struggles to find the right partner. Her true emotions, needs, and desires determine the quality of her overall wellbeing. 

Ultimately, the struggle to free herself includes the juggle to relate to her own "personality" with loving-kindness, honesty, and respect in every moment and situation. To do this, Bella may need to think about the present. We're all faced with the task of removing ourselves from the protective cocoon that we've created around ourselves. We all have those walls whereby we don't let others in. I call this the psychic shell that's protecting our spiritual soul until we were ready to live our lives authentically and be true to ourselves. Bella will need to release this barrier in order to find that partner and live happily ever after. 

What are the personality traits (positive) of Bella?

  • Kind and generous
  • Always thinks of others
  • A beautiful soul

What are the negative traits of the name bella?

  • Always thinks they are right
  • Can sometimes annoy others

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012