What does the name Belinda mean?

The name Belinda is popular name meaning very beautiful.

It is from the Latin name of Bella which means "beautiful". Some scholars speculated that Belinda derives from the Germanic name of Betlindis. It may also mean 'Belle' ["beauty"] as well as 'Linda' ["pretty"], often translated as "immortal beauty."

What does the name Belinda mean?

  • Origin: Latin
  • Quick Meaning: Pretty
  • Number of letters: 7, Those 7 letters total to 29
  • Gender: Girl
  • Spanish: Female Attractive.
  • Latin: Female Very beautiful.
  • Italian: Female Serpentine.
  • German: Female From the Old German Betlindis, which is derived from the word for snake.
  • English: Female Very beautiful.

What is the spiritual message for those named Belinda?

Due to the fact that your name is a seven and you also have "be" at the start of the name, your life will naturally direct you towards becoming a business leader. Your goal in life is to find a balance between your personal power and have a positive attitude. You'll become more focused on your career as you age and will be more driven to reach your goals. As a 7 life number, Belinda, this indicates that you have the potential to reach a higher position or start your own business. There is a lot of potential for success, you are honest, have a positive outlook, and have a good connection with money. There is something else I want to share with you Belinda, as a 7, this is the most spiritual number. As your name also comes from Bella it can mean that you are an attractive woman.

Work commitments can often be difficult for Belinda, this is because the "b" and the "a" appear at the end of the name. You might find yourself taking on many different work projects, then giving up because you lack the inner passion or internal commitment. 

What should you be aware of in life Belinda?

Sometimes you may abandon your job due to boredom and lack of stimulation. Perhaps other jobs offer more excitement and stimulation. In a five-year cycle, you might think the grass is always greener due to the fact you are a 7, Belinda. You may also think that moving from one job to another can help you climb the ladder, as each job offers you the experience you want to make your life better. It is important to be able to keep your focus. This will show potential employers to be the business leader that you deserve. I do hope this spiritual message for you Belinda resonates.

In all you do, you need to try your best. If there is a passion that in the liner (linda) in your name then make sure you follow it. When you finally decide on your passion Belinda's life will slot into place. Spiritually, you are connected, and make sure that You wash your guardian angel's guidance in your life. The Guardian Angels are there to protect you Belinda and all that you do. Try to make a real impact in this life and love all of those around you.  Sometimes you can be so swept up in what you're doing you often forget about all of the people that are trying to help you on your spiritual path and road in this life.

What are the positive traits of Belinda?

  • Very social
  • Due to the "linda" inside the name means she is warm and caring
  • Loves life
  • Normally positive thinking and enjoys manifestation
  • Spiritually gifted due to the numerological 7

What are the negative traits of Belinda?

  • Can argue with people that she clashes with
  • Worries too much
  • Stresses out about things

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012