Beatrice, Beatrix

Beatrice, Beatrix

What does the name Beatrice or Beatrix mean?

Beatrix or the spelling variation Beatrice is really a name derived from the Latin and means a blessed soul. I love the fact that this name is about blessings, spiritually it is a strong name for a baby.

This is a feminine form on the late Latin name Viator which recommended “voyager, raveller”. It had been also a common name amongst first Christians, though the transliteration was altered by association using the Latin beatus, significance “blessed”. The French style is Béatrice and the Spanish form is Beatriz. The popularity on the name spread on account of Dante Alighieri’s beautifully constructed wording about Beatrice Portinari. 

What's the difference between Beatrix and Beatrice?

These are both the same. The name is rather popular and has much popularity in the United Kingdom, compared to the United States. The name was in fact 695th in 2014. The name Beatrix is very popular in Romaina. The name is rising in popularity. It ranked because 860th most well-known name for little one girls born in the united states in 2018.

What is the detailed meaning of Beatrice?

  • Origin: Latin
  • Quick Meaning: She Who Blesses
  • Number of letters: 8, Those 8 letters total to 36; 7, Those 7 letters total to 34
  • Gender: Girl
  • Shakespearean: Female Much Ado About Nothing’ Niece to Leonato.
  • Latin: Female A variant of Beatrix meaning bringer of joy. Famous bearer: Beatrice was Dante’s guide through Paradise in the ‘Divine Comedy’, perhaps inspired by Beatrice Portinari, Dante’s earliest love.
  • Italian: Female Blesses.
  • Gaelic: Female Feminine form of Beattie: Bringer of joy; blesses.

What is the spiritual meaning of the name Beatrix?

Beatrix due to the x at the end of the name is reliable, thorough, and takes their work seriously. They are extremely capable of overcoming obstacles and problems without losing momentum. Their personal lives can be difficult because emotions and feelings are not based on logic. They do not follow a plan. Beatrix finds that it is almost impossible to relax and be themselves. 

Beatrix can be shy or awkward and are difficult to communicate with. They are native, obstructed, and extremely focused in life, which is a good thing. Due to the fact the name means blessing they are admirable, you approach life. You are considered a hard worker and at times faultless. However, their warmth, compassion, and kindness can mean you can sometimes be taken advantage of. On a more negative note, you can be unimaginative but overall, people just warm to you.

My spiritual message for you?

The spelling of the "beatrice" has beat at the start. This means they have a kind heartbeat. Due to the "beat" at the beginning of your name, it can mean that you are always trying to please. Do you feel guilty for not pleasing everyone? Are you blaming others, feeling guilty, making excuses, or being wrong in order to be happy and healthy? Is enough really 1? If not now, when? You really must remember, Beatrice, that every day and the moment we have the option to create a life we love.

Try, Beatrix, to remember that kindness and respect are what we deserve, first from ourselves and then from others? Do we choose to live a half-lived existence? Do we compromise ourselves and give up on our inner calling? Betrayal of our true feelings and allow others to take over. You can search the whole universe to find someone who is more worthy of your love and actions than you yourself. Your love and affection are as important to you as any other person in the universe.

What are the positive traits of Beatrix or Beatrice?

  • Wonderful heart focused and easy to get on with.

What are the negative traits of Beatrix or Beatrice?

  • Can get annoyed with others sometimes. Dishonour, to be taken advantage of, and does not like others disrespecting her. 

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012