What does the name athsheba mean?

What does the name athsheba mean?

Based on the Hebrew Bible, Bathsheba (Hebrew: בת שבע‎, means the "daughter with the oath"

What does the name Bathsheba mean?

She is most known for the Bible story by which King David seduced her.

Bathsheba became pregnant then lost the baby, she later married King David and was the mother of Solomon, who succeeded David as king. David's action was displeasing towards God. The story of David's adultery sets up the context for your penitential Psalm fifty-one (50), also often known as "Miserere" ("Have whim on me, A God").

What is the detailed meaning of the name Bathsheba?

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Quick Meaning: A Pledge
  • Number of letters: 9, Those 9 letters total to 30
  • Gender: Girl
  • Hebrew: Female Oath; Voluptuous. Famous bearer: Bathsheba Everdene, the heroine of Thomas Hardy's novel 'Far from the Madding Crowd'; Old Testament King David's wife Bathsheba.
  • Biblical: Female The seventh daughter; the daughter of satiety.

What are the positive attributes of the name Bathsheba

  • Deep thinking due to the numerology 9
  • Likes to avoid conflict in life
  • Career-minded and focused

What are the Negative attributes of the name Bathsheba

  • Sometimes worrying about things that are not important.

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012