What does the name Alice mean?

What does the name Alice mean?

Alice was the favorite name given to girls in Sweden last year and has been one of several top 10 names for girls in the last five years.

What does the name Alice mean?

It's been popularized by Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. It was also popular within the Victorian era due to Princess Alice of Great Britain and Ireland. In North America, Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, was generally called "Princess "Princess Alice" within the press and motivated a song termed Alice Blue Outfit.

Alice is German in origin and means mobile. Alice was popular in the 19th Century, especially in medieval times. Alice is often short of Alison. It was one of the most popular names in England, and Scotland. At some strange, there was a male use of Allison during the 19th century, but this dropped off being popular. Alice is also from the old french name called Alis. The name Alice was originally a surname in Norman times.

How popular is the name Alice?

The name Alice was popular during 2018 and featured as the top name in Belgium, France, England, Wales, Scotland, and also Northern island. In the US the social security popularity of the name Alice was the most popular in 2010. 

The name ranks within the top 100 most popular names for little one girls in Questionnaire, Belgium, France, Eire, Scotland, England along with Wales, and Northern Ireland. It ranked because 172nd the most popular name for little one girls born in the states in 2010. Alice ranked because of 51st most frequent name for women in the states in the 1990 census. In recent decades, the variants Alicia, Allison, and also a short form, Allie, have been very popular names in the states.

Allison was the 38th most widely used name for little one girls born in the states in 2010; Alicia was the 220th most widely used name for girls in the states in 2010 along with Allie was the 189th most widely used name for girls in the states in 2010. All three names consist of& multiple spelling variants which are also well-used. Alyssa, the 20th most widely used name for little one girls born in the states in 2010, may be seen as a variant, but it is historically of different origin, as compared to the flower Alyssum. The name was most popular in the states in the Victorian era and at the turn of the 20th century.

How popular is the name Alice in the US?

Alice's popularity is ranked 76 in the USA in 2020. The name has reached the top most popular names 84 times. Historically, Emma was the most popular name but Alice also rises in the social security administration (SSA). If you are thinking of calling your baby Alice this indicates that you are selecting a traditional name. 

Why call your baby Alice?

Alice is a beautiful name that is connected to happiness and is timeless so that it never dates. This is a wonderful name to give your child. The five letters are significant spiritually and indicate happiness.

What is the quick meaning of the name Alice mean?

  • Origin: Teutonic
  • Quick Meaning: Noble, Of Good Cheer
  • Number of letters: 5, Those 5 letters total to 21
  • Gender: Girl
  • Teutonic: Female Noble humor.
  • Shakespearean: Female 'King Henry V' Attendant to Katherine.
  • German: Female From the Old German Adalheidis meaning nobility.
  • English: Female Of the nobility.

What is the numerology of the name Alice?

Alice, you are born with this vibration of 5 which means you are able to enjoy life to its fullest. Five is the number for adventure. Alice, you are open to trying new things and exploring new places. Alice normally loves to travel on the physical plane and to distant places, but those named Alice also enjoy exploring new ideas and concepts. As a number vibration, 5 means that you are creative, innovative, and talented. They are impatient, restless, fidgety, and always on the move. Alice tends to thrive on excitement, which they can create for themselves, pushing themselves to the limit and lighting the fuse at both ends.

Positive traits of Alice

  • Loves people
  • Peacemaker
  • Understanding
  • Sensitive
  • Good with people
  • Likes peace and quite

Negative traits of Alice

  • Happy go lucky approach to life
  • Lacks the confidence to be driven in life

By Flo Saul
Sep 20, 2012