What does the name Alfreda mean?

What does the name Alfreda mean?

The girl's name Alfreda will be pronounced aaLFREHDaa in German and Polish.

What does the name Alfreda mean?

Alfreda is an Old English foundation. It is used mainly in English, German, German, and Polish. The name Alfreda means 'inspired tips; old peace'. Two-element name produced by aelf and raed that are of the meanings 'elf, supernatural being' and 'counsel, advice' respectively. The name saw a modest revival in the late 19th century. The variants of Alfreda is Alfrida, Allovera, Alvera, Elfrida, Elva and Elvia.

Alfreda can be a derivative of the actual English Elfreda. Alfreda is the feminine version of the actual Dutch, English, French, German born, Polish, and Scandinavian Alfred.

What is the numerological meaning of Alfreda?

Alfreda is creative and intelligent people, artistically inclined, and has a knack for color mixing and design. Many are also talented in writing, poetry, and music. To feel fulfilled, they must be able to express their strengths. Although their primary focus is on the family and home, sevens are also very social and gregarious. They have many friends and associates with whom they can entertain formally but well. They are natural hosts and hostesses and know how to make people feel at ease and comfortable.

What is the detailed name Alfreda mean?

  • Origin: Teutonic
  • Quick Meaning: Supernaturally Wise
  • Number of letters: 7, Those 7 letters total to 29
  • Gender: Girl
  • Teutonic: Female Oracle.
  • Spanish: Female Feminine form of Alfredo: counsels the elves.
  • German: Female Feminine of Alfred.
  • English: Female Variant of Elfreda: Elf strength, good counselor. From the Old English name Aelfthryth. Also a feminine form of Alfred, meaning sage, or wise, from the Old English Aelfraed, meaning elf counsel. Also from Ealdfrith or Alfrid, meaning old peace.

What are the positive traits of the name Alfreda mean?

  • Likes helping others
  • Good arbitrator
  • Encouraging
  • Good religious leadership qualities

What are the negative traits of the name Alfreda mean?

  • Depressed state
  • Lack of awareness
  • Insensitive
  • Too optimistic
  • Selfish

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012