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The name Aleta is pronounced as aa-LIY-T-aa-.

Aleta's origin is a combination of Greek, Germanic, and Latin. In addition, Aleta is a variation of the English name Alethea. Ad​ditionally, Aleata, Aleeta, Aleita, Aletta, Alette, Alleta, and Alletta are derivatives of Aleta. Other variants of Aleta are the English short form Al along with the short form Leta.

The meaning of Aleta indicates footloose and the little winged one. There was a greek goddess called Aleta who was the goddess of truth. At times names can be controversial. Many people have called their baby Aleta after family members in the family tree. The name Aleta can help you better understand yourself when you read the numerology of the name. 

What is the quick meaning of the name Aleta mean?

  • Origin: Latin
  • Quick Meaning: Bird-Like
  • Number of letters: 5, Those 5 letters total to 12
  • Gender: Girl
  • Spanish: Female Winged.
  • Latin: Female Winged.
  • Greek: Female 'Truthful.' Mythological goddess of truth.
  • English: Female Winged.

How popular is the name Aleta?

Aleta is an uncommon name for women. At the top of its use in 1947, 0. 014% of girls were named Aleta. It ranked at #511 at that time. It's stated that numbers hold the key to our innermost personality. 

Is Aleta a girl or boy name?

The name Aleta is a girl's name. 

What does Aleta mean in numerology?

Fives (Aleta is a five) have a dexterous, determined, and magnetic nature. The positive trait of Aleta means that you do not give up quickly and easily; when it comes time to giving ideas and information to others, Aleta naturally has the advantage to hold onto a conversation. As a numerology five, they are excellent debaters and orators.

What are the positive traits of people called Aleta?

  • Loves people
  • Peacemaker
  • Understanding
  • Sensitive
  • Good with people
  • Likes peace and quite

What are the negative traits of people called Aleta?

  • Happy go lucky approach to life
  • Lacks confidence to be driven in life

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012