what does the name adina mean?

What does the name adina mean?

Adina is the name for girls and is pronounced as aaDIYNiy. It has Germanic and Hebrew origin and a variant of the name Ada from the German language. As per other interpretations, it is also a variant of the Hebrew name Adine. Though Adina is not very frequently used as girl name Ada is more commonly used. Other names sounding similar to Adina are Adama, Adameena, Adamma, Adanna, Adanya, Adeana, Adeen, Adena, Adhama, and Adhammah.

The fact that Adina has two "a" at the beginning and end of the name indicates that new beginnings are important to her. She likes to make sure that she sees through all her goals in life. The "din" in the middle of the name can indicate that she will prosper in life. Din also rhymes with a win so she will be a winner when she puts her heart into a matter. 

What is the detailed name meaning of Adina?

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Quick Meaning: Delicate
  • Number of letters: 5, Those 5 letters total to 24
  • Gender: Girl
  • Hebrew: Female Tender.
  • German: Female Variant of Aline: Diminutive of Adeline, from the Old German 'athal' meaning noble.

Is the name Adina popular?

Adina is a wonderful baby name and is not that popular, in fact only 1 out of 12,000 babies are called Adina. That means this is considered a rare name. 

What does Adina mean in numerology?

Adina is a numerological number 5, therefore, she naturally wants to help others better their lives. While you may be creative and professional who caters to people's needs, you will also need to look after your personal life and your career in order to achieve a healthy balance in your life. You are driven to do the right things and care about your time, money, and attention. However, there will be times when your efforts may not be appreciated.

Who are famous people with the name Adina?

The famous songwriter Adina Thembi Ndamse is an African songwriter and in Ghana. Adina if you are considering this to be a baby name is quite inspiring. Adina is quite popular in Africa and the name that you choose is key to who she is. The name itself links the inner self with the outer world. 

What are the positive traits of the name Adina?

  • Sometimes people can take advantage of your kindness as you are so kind
  • As I have said above you are driven
  • There might be a spiritual journey that you need to embark on

What are the negative traits of the name Adina?

  • Try not to let others bring you down my lovely Adina
  • Hard work does not have to be stressful

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012