Adalia name meaning

What does the name Adalia mean?

I'm here to help you uncover what the name Adalia means. Adalia means noble. It is pronounced as aeDahLAYah or ahDAALiyah (English). This name has Hebrew origin meaning "Yahweh is Just." Yahweh was the 5th son of Haman and a high-ranking officer who plotted against the Jews. In English language, it is commonly used as Adalia.

Other derivatives of this name are Adayel, Adelio, Ataullah, Atula, Italiya, Adael, Adela, and Atalo. If we break the name down further we have "ada" which sometimes might be a shorter version. I have another article on the name meaning of Ada, if you would like to check that out here.

What is the quick meaning of Adalia?

  • Origin: Teutonic
  • Quick Meaning: Noble
  • Number of letters: 6, Those 6 letters total to 19
  • Gender: Girl
  • Teutonic: Female Noble.
  • Spanish: Female Of the nobility. Noble.
  • German: Female Noble.

What is the spiritual meaning of the name Adalia?

Because Adalia has three “a” inside the name, we need to look at the spiritual meaning of triple "a." People that hold three as in their name are sporty, spontaneous, and active. They don’t expect to be able to do everything as planned. It might take you, Adalia weeks to complete a plan, making sure you are aware of this in advance is important. Adalia due to the fact that the name ends in two “a” means that you will naturally be able to deliver a love message straight to the heart of others - if they like you of course. 

You don't need to be a corporate leader or have a successful career, this is not that important to you. Those named Adalia are interested in making sure those that they love are well cared for. So, if you are named Adalia, then you are strong and can take on the world. When I say strong this is in both your spirit and body! A strong body and spirit are a winner in life. My advice to you Adalia is to do what you love, starting your own business if you so wish, once you can embark on your passion Adalia your life will grow.

What does the baby name Adalia mean?

If you are thinking of calling your baby Adalia then it is important to consider the surname and the two letters that include the first name and surname. Especially, if this also holds a letter "a." As a parent, you will naturally encourage Adalia to be strong and to take risks. As babies, those named Adalia (due to the letters a, a,a) can also be demanding and have tantrums, due to the fact they naturally believe that the whole world revolves around them - but doesn't any baby? Your job as mum or dad is to help them learn from the mistakes of others. Their spiritual journey to enlightenment will be easier if they are able to have you by their side and guide you.

What is the biblical meaning of the name Adalia?

The verb is from Arab sources “adalia” means to hang, the tarot card of this name is the hanged man. It denotes that are times in her life, she may want to just sit, wait and dangle. Rather than rush into decisions. The origin of the name (from ancient sources) is probably Persian. In the bible, the name Adalia occurred once and was one of the sons of Haman, but Adalia is now widely a female name.

What is Adalia's soul number?

You hold a soul number 1, of course, life is populated with winners, followers, leaders, and winners. Your own personal karmic task this lifetime is to learn from others as you are a soul one Adalia. You must master the art and skill of negotiation, compromise, cooperation, and acceptance. You are, however, both remarkably strong and fragile. You can tap into people's hearts and fire-power. When you focus on others they feel it is like having a champion around them all the time. They will encourage you, Adalia, to do what they say. They can lift you up when you're down. They believe in you, and they will believe in you if you believe in them. There is nothing you and your close people who are "for you" can't do together.

What are Adalia's positive traits?

  • Have inner passion
  • Hard worker and loves competition
  • Good at listening to other people
  • Often enjoys 
  • Good with people
  • Always wants to lead others to better things
  • Likes peace and quite

What are Adalia's negative traits?

  • Can be bossy Adalia
  • Does not listen to others sometimes


By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012