What does the name Ada mean?

What does the name meaning of Ada mean?

Ada is a feminine name. It is german in original and means "happy" and "nobility." 

What is the quick name meaning of Ada?

  • Origin: Teutonic
  • Quick Meaning: Prosperous, Happy
  • Number of letters: 3, Those 3 letters total to 6
  • Gender: Girl
  • Teutonic: Female Happy
  • Hebrew: Female Ornament
  • German: Female Diminutive of Adeline and Adela: Sweet or pleasant; of the nobility. Noble. From the Old German 'athal' meaning noble

It can also be a short meaning of the names Adelaide and Adeline. The name is of Hebrew origin, sometimes spelled Adah meaning "adornment".

How popular is Ada in the USA?

The name has seen a slight increase in popularity in the USA in recent many years. In 2007 it was the 646th most popular name. It had been on the list of top 100 names for girls in the USA between 1880 and 1912 and remained in the top 1, 000 names until 1985. It first reappeared on the list of top 1,000 names in 2004. The name is also commonly used throughout Norway, where it was the 66th most popular name for women in 2007.

Its increase in popularity has been attributed to the popularity of different "simple and old-fashioned names that start with a vowel" such as Ava and Ella. Master Byron called the first computer language Ada. St. Ada was the name associated with an early saint. 

Are you thinking of choosing Ada as a baby name?

Ada is German and the basic meaning is Noble and Happy, this is a lovely baby name. The final choice of the name that you desire most, you should not forget that the name is connected to the spiritual, numerological and general meaning. Calling her an appropriate name that you choose will help your baby in waking life. As a small hint on finding a great name for your baby try to make sure the number of syllables in the first name matches the number of syllables in the last name, however Ada is quite a short name. Therefore, an unusually long surname may compliment Ada.

What is the biblical meaning of Ada?

Adah which is a similar name was featured in the bible (less the h). The bible mentioned that there are two women that feature with this name. Adah being the wife of Lamech and this is found in Genesis 3:20, women were often associated with nurture throughout the bible and Adah was the mother of Jabal. In Genesis 4:20 her husband killed himself so she must have had a difficult life. This was featured in verses 23-24. There is a second Adah in the bible who married Esau. Adahs sons then became enemies of Jacobs sons, but she was featured as a reminder that we need to get on with people in life.

What does Ada mean in numerology?

Ada has a destiny number of 6. Six is a peaceful and creative character. Therefore, Ada is imaginative and capable of expressing her thoughts and feelings both visually and verbally. Ada is often highly creative and has a tendency to be focused on her work. She is open to new ideas and to try out different methods, but when a toddler or when Ada is very young she can become discouraged or lose interest when her efforts fail. Later in life, I would say in her mid-20s, Ada is looking for quick results and profit, not awards and posthumous honors.

In general, Ada is enthusiastic, lively who naturally attracts a lovely husband. They are passionate, impulsive, and easy to talk to. They have many lovers in their lives and often put off finding the right one for as long as possible. Ada can be seen as unfavorably if they gossip - but don't we all. Their intentions and approach can also be criticized by others especially at work. Although their private lives can be somewhat chaotic, they have a tendency to live in the moment. 

What is Adas soul urge number?

The soul number when I looked this up for Ada is a two. This is great as it is balanced, therefore, Ada normally has a natural talent for writing and speaking, while others are drawn to technology and science. However, one thing that all people with this should number have in common is a love for travel and the willingness to take chances. Ada can be masters of many trades, and normally rather spiritual. On the downside, Ada could lack consistency and reliability. Ada moves from one place to the next in terms of career, therefore finding something she is good at will be her destiny. Ada needs to learn from her mistakes and deal with people that may come across as arrogant, conceited, and full of their own self-worth. This will the soul destiny objective of Ada. 

What are Adas positive traits?

  • Caring
  • Honest
  • Nurturing
  • Kind

What are Adas negative traits?

  • Doing too much
  • Temperamental
  • Demanding of others

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012