Yellow Tulip Meaning

What does the Yellow Tulip mean?

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Yellow Tulip.

Generally the color yellow in flowers signifies friendship but with yellow tulips, it is often associated with having a great smile.

To be more specific it means there’s sunshine in your smile or it could also mean cheerfulness. So the yellow tulips can be used to describe a person who has a bright, radiant and enigmatic smile. But when it comes to the negative connotation of the yellow tulips, it symbolizes that a person is rejected in love.


According to legends, it is believed that happiness can be found in the buds of a yellow tulip. Since almost everybody wants to achieve happiness, many wanted to get that happiness but the yellow tulip bud won’t open. Several people and several methods were done to make the yellow buds open but to no avail. Until one day, a little boy with a radiant and bright smile approached the yellow tulip bud that magically opened and brought happiness to the people. The little boy’s smile depicted sunshine in his smile so the yellow tulip responded to him.

Name:Yellow Tulip

Color: Yellow

Shape: Like all tulips, the yellow tulip has cup like figure when put upright in a vase. When the yellow tulip flower is laid flat, the star shaped figure will be evident.

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Fact:There was a time that yellow tulips or tulips in general became more valuable than a human life. This happened in the 1500’s when the so-called Tulipomania happened in Turkey. It is said that when you buy bulbs or sell the tulip bulbs outside of their capital, you will be punished through exile.

Poisonous: It’s mildly poisonous and is rarely lethal.

Number of Petals: 6

Victorian Interpretation: There’s sunshine in your smile


Blossom Time: November to May

Superstitions:It is believed that planting yellow tulips in your garden will bring warmth and luck for the family.

What the Yellow Tulip Means

Used to be, the yellow tulip means hopeless love but over the years the meaning had evolved with thoughts of cheerfulness. To welcome Easter, the yellow tulips are often incorporated to flower arrangements as it also means that you are welcoming springtime. Since the yellow tulip is associated with sunshine, it’s often used as a thanksgiving for the return of warmth as well as abundance after a long winter season. It’s also the flower being sent for those who gave birth to a lovely baby boy. When given to a sick person, it only means cheer up and get well soon.

The Shape: The yellow tulip is no different from other tulips when it comes to shape. It also has a striking almost perfect cup shape when it is upright. However when the flower is laid flat and pressed, you will see that it is also star-shaped.


Petals:If you breakdown a yellow tulip flower, you will find three sepals as well as three petals. You will also see six petaloidtepals and is characterized by darker markings. These petaloids are found towards the base of the yellow tulip.

Numerology:Like the number of tepals in a yellow tulip, the numerological correspondence of tulips is also 6. People under this numerology are usually lovable and charming.

Color:Yellow often signifies friendship but when it comes to the tulip, the yellow is associated with being cheerful.

Herbalism and Medicine: Yellow tulips in a hospital room bring warmth and make the patient smile and be cheerful. However that’s as far as it goes in terms of medicinal properties because the flower itself has no medicinal value. But who needs medicinal values when you can put sunshine in a patient’s smile.


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