Yellow Carnation

Yellow Carnation Meaning

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Plain and simple, yellow carnations mean rejection and disappointment. 

If someone has failed you in some way and you want to send them a message through flowers, yellow carnations make for your best choice.  Although most flowers have positive meanings attached to them, the yellow carnation offers up a message that’s more on the negative side.  It goes so far as symbolizing disdain or even contempt.

Even though carnations are known as Jove’s flower (the ancient Roman tribute flowers to gods), yellow is not a good shade for you to work with.  On a situation where you’re ending a relationship with someone who disappointed you, you can send them yellow carnations as a message of rejection.

  • Name: Yellow Carnation
  • Color: Yellow carnations can have different hues of yellow.  It can be light or it can be bold and vibrant.
  • Shape: Yellow carnations, just like any other color of carnation are shaped like fringed pompoms when they’re fully opened.
  • Fact: Yellow carnations are more than just charming ornaments. It can be pickled, candied or even used in salads on its fresh form. It has also been historically been used to spice up wine and beer – and even a great alternative for expensive cloves. Carnation petal is also listed as the main ingredient in a French liqueur called Chartreuse. Carnation oil essentials (especially in its pure form) are highly revered and can be quite expensive. 
  • Poisonous:  Yellow carnations have low levels of toxicity.
  • Number of Petals:  It varies from the standard of five to 40.
  • Victorian Interpretation:  If you have someone that you’re not entirely pleased about, you can send them a bunch of flowers to tell them exactly how you feel.  With yellow carnations, you’re telling them that they have disappointed you or it can even express your thoughts of rejecting them.
  • Blossom Time:  Carnations, whether they’re red, white or yellow, come in full bloom in mid June.  Yellow carnations continue to bloom up until the end of August.


Its best not to give away yellow colored carnation to someone you care about because it mainly deals with rejection and disappointment.

If you don’t like somebody, but you have to give them a gift, yellow carnations are a good choice.  You might be dating someone that you don’t want to date anymore and yellow carnations put out the right message.

Besides being one of the most popular kinds of flower, carnations are also seen to be aphrodisiacs

  • The Shape:  Just like any other carnation of different colors, yellow carnations look like pompoms.  They’re ruffles of yellow that have fringed edges.
  • Petals:  What gives the yellow carnation its pompom look are the petals that are scalloped or fringed at the edges.  Held at the base of the petals, five up to 40 petals make up a puffy shaped yellow carnation.
  • Numerology:  Carnations (yellow or otherwise), have the numerology number 5.  It depicts a constructive use of freedom and that’s why yellow carnations are expressions of rejection.  You’re moving on to better things in your life when you give the yellow carnation to someone who has disappointed you.
  • Color:  Pale yellow or bold yellow, these carnations have a negative meaning.  Whether it’s rejection, distain or even contempt that you’re feeling, yellow carnations are your go to flower for sending a message of disappointment to someone.

Herbalism and Medicine:  

Used as oils, herbs or tea, they can help you de-stress.  If you’re suffering from inflammation or swelling, yellow carnation can soothe your nervous system well.  For problems like menstrual cramps, rub carnation oil on your tummy. 

If you’re thinking how to improve your digestive and your cardiac health, yellow carnations also make for great additions to your health tonics and hot drinks. Just by infusing carnation petals in hot water, you can get health benefits like relief of chest congestion.

By Florance Saul
Aug 20, 2012