White Hyacinth

White Hyacinth

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Because the overall appearance of the white hyacinth is pristine and untainted, it symbolizes loveliness. 

This meaning also has its roots in Greek mythology about how the hyacinth came to exist.  Hyacinth was a handsome fellow who was the favorite companion of Apollo.  He was friends with Zephyr too although he was more fond of Apollo.  When Zephyr found out about this, he let the winds blow strongly in his jealousy.

At this moment, Apollo and Hyacinth were playing the discus sport.  The wind turned the discus back towards Hyacinth and it hit him on the head.  The lovely boy, Hyacinth died and where his blood was spilled, a white Hyacinth grew.

  • Name: White Hyacinth
  • Color: White hyacinths are not all pure white.  “Assumed” white hyacinth flowers usually have a tinge of green or a tinge of yellow on it.
  • Shape: At first glance, a white hyacinth can look like tulip with its ovoid shaped flowers.  However, if you look at the flower closely, it’s really a cluster of star like flowers that form a cluster.
  • Fact: There are three popular species of the hyacinth.  The litwinowwii, the transcaspicus and the orientalis.  The hyacinthus orientalis is the common garden hyacinth.
  • Poisonous:  Regardless of what species, the hyacinth is a toxic plant.
  • Number of Petals:  It’s really impossible to tell how many petals make up a cluster of white hyacinth.  But if you just focus on one flower, it has six petals.
  • Victorian Interpretation:  The Victorian interpretation of the white hyacinth is loveliness.  It’s also a flower that you give someone you care and you want to say “I’ll be praying for you”.
  • Blossom Time:  White hyacinths usually bloom from March to April.  But there are times when the blossom time extends till the month of June.


White hyacinths flower (because of its symbol of purity) are mostly used for weddings.  It can be all that a bride needs as a bouquet or it can be mixed with other white flowers.  Aside from purity, white hyacinths embody the trust that the couple has in each other.

What the White Hyacinth Means: 

As the story goes, Apollo didn’t let Hades take Hyacinth to the underworld.  This might be where the meaning of “I’ll pray for you” was attached to the white hyacinth.  Apollo didn’t really pray for Hyacinth’s soul but he looked after it, making sure that he wouldn’t end up in the clutches of Hades.

In wedding, the white hyacinth is a reflection of the loveliness of the bride that can enhance her radiating aura on her Big Day.

  • The Shape:  White star formations of petals.
  • Petals:  These petals are elongated and thin and they have a waxy appearance on the surface.
  • Numerology:  Working like a symbol in a symbol, the white hyacinth is symbolized by the planet Neptune.  This means that it has the characteristics of 7 in numerology.
  • Color:  In a pure color like white, it’s the best representation for loveliness and purity.  It’s also a symbol of people caring for their loved ones – and praying for their safety all the time.

Herbalism and Medicine:  

Beside their loveliness, white hyacinths are known for their wonderful fragrance.  That’s why it’s fondly used in an aromatherapy where essential oils are extracted from the white hyacinth.  The oils have an intensified scent that helps soothe and calm the nerves. 

For depressed individuals, the white hyacinth oil can used to battle depression.  For the stressed, the aroma that these oils have is a de-stressor.  For anyone who is tired physically and mentally, a soothing massage using the white hyacinth oil calms the body and mind.

By Florance Saul
Aug 20, 2012