White Camellia

White Camellia

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White camellias with their pristine and pure hue depict an adorable quality. 

If you think someone is adorable, the best flowers that you can give to them are the white camellia.  On another note, this white blossom may also symbolize perfection or being without blemish.

Camellias, no matter what the color have meanings attached to them like steadfastness, and excellence.  It’s a flower that you give (except for Japanese) if you want to express your admiration or your gratitude to someone.  It’s also a flower that you can give to wish someone you care about the best of luck.

  • Name: White Camellia
  • Color: White camellias take on various hues of white.  It can be cotton white or even white with a tinge of cream at the base of the petals.
  • Shape:  Camellias are most usually cup-shaped - and white camellias exhibit the same shape.
  • Fact:  Besides being an ornamental plant, camellias are also used as a tea plant. Camellias are very important part of different cultures. In Korea, it has been a symbol of longevity and faithfulness during wedding ceremonies. This practice began as early as the 1200 BC.
  • Poisonous: There’s nothing poisonous about the camellia, white or otherwise and that’s why it can be consumed as tea.
  • Number of Petals: The least number of petals that a white camellia can have is five, although there are camellias with up to nine petals in total.
  • Victorian Interpretation: While camellias can mean different things based on their color, people expressed their feelings and thoughts about someone they think is adorable with white camellias.  There’s nothing like a white camellia or a bunch of them to tell someone that he or she is well-liked.
  • Blossom Time: The most popular species of white camellia is the morning glow Japonica camellia.  This plant blooms with white flowers from December to early spring.


Although white camellias have a positive meaning during the Victorian time, it can come in a negative connotation these days in other parts of the world.  It’s a superstition that white camellias have something to do with death and funeral in countries like Japan.  If you’re meeting up with Japanese business partners, never give them white camellias.

  • The Shape: Once the white Camellias go into its fully bloomed form, it takes the shape of a delicate cup of petals. There will be times when the camellias don’t shape up to be a perfect cup but they still end up as charming and pristine just the same. However, for the white camellia, getting blossoms with a perfectly shaped cup will embody your message of admiration for someone’s adorable qualities.
  • Petals: The petals of a flower play a very big role with the way that people view its meaning.  With regard to white camellias, they can have anywhere from five to nine petals and as long as their pristine and unblemished, it’s the perfect way to say that you think someone is adorable.
  • Numerology: The camellia, in numerology is represented by the number 11.  This means intuition as well as the balance between good and evil.  This might be the reason why white camellias can mean admiration on one side of the world while in another, it means death.
  • Color:  White is a pure and untainted color that relates to adorable qualities.  It can also relate to mourning as in the case of white camellias used as funeral flowers.

Herbalism and Medicine:  

White camellias or any other color of camellia can be made into a tea.  In a tea form, camellia is known to solve health problems related to infections, digestive complaints and pain.  As a green tea form, it is a potent drink that can boost the immune system.

By Florance Saul
Aug 20, 2012