Wedding Roses

Wedding Roses

Uncover Hidden Flowers meanings

Flowers symbolize a wide variety of things. 

They have a long list of meanings attached to them.  But when you want to convey love, there’s no better blossom to express your feelings than with the rose. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that roses are the number one choice of flowers during wedding ceremonies. Mainly, white roses mean happy love.  So if white roses are incorporated in the décor of the wedding, the bride’s outfit or her bouquet denotes happiness in love.

It depends on the couple who’s tying the knot what color roses they want to use at their wedding.  It’s not taboo to mix various colors of roses since they can provide an even more distinct symbolism.  For example, if white roses are put together with red roses, it’s not just a symbol of love but also unity as well.

  • Name:  Wedding Roses
  • Color:  Known as the queen of flowers, roses take on a wide range of colors.  More than red (they have various shades of red) and beyond white and pink, there are also peach colored roses, lavender roses and orange roses.  However, the most common color for wedding roses is white.
  • Shape:  The shapes of roses are varied.  There are roses that can have the perfect bell shape and there are roses that look like cones - especially when they haven’t bloomed yet.  But when it fully bloomed, they can have the features and accents of a star.  For many wedding roses, they can be clustered into bouquets in the shape of a sphere, a heart, etc.
  • Fact:  As the most popular flower in the world, roses have a lot to do with symbolizing love.  However, it depends on the color of the roses – since the meaning also changes.
  • Poisonous:  Roses are not toxic plants.  In fact, they’re so harmless they’re also edible.
  • Number of Petals:  Roses, for weddings or for any other occasion, can have anywhere from five to 60.  But mostly, the hybrid forms of roses are the ones that can have more than 45 petals.  
  • Victorian Interpretation:  Roses used in a wedding are usually white roses.  This has a very simple symbolism of happy love.
  • Blossom Time:  Naturally, roses bloom in the spring.  As this is the most popular flower (and the demand for it keeps growing), blossom time would have to be cyclical.  And this is possible with the different species of roses.


Roses are flowers that usually have a positive connotation. But in some superstitious belief, it may mean otherwise. One of the old English beliefs was about petals falling from freshly cut roses.  Cutting roses especially red roses would have to be done very carefully because if any of the petals fall during that time, it means bad luck is soon to come.

Christians believe that the rose is a symbol for the Virgin Mary - and roses that have no thorns is called the Holy Rose or the Mystic Rose that represents Mary. 

  • The Shape:  Wedding roses have a wide variety of shapes.
  • Petals:  No matter what color the roses come in, they have petals that have a velvety feel to them.  The petals also have a hint of a fabulous fragrance coming from it.
  • Numerology:  The rose on its own is a number 3 in numerology.  This depicts the joy of living, socialization and of course - love.
  • Color:  Roses used in weddings are most commonly white.  This signifies purity and innocence and also a happy love.  For some roses, they can have a tinge of color added on their edges.

Herbalism and Medicine:  

Because the rose smells so good, it has a number of therapeutic benefits.  More than rose oil as a fragrance, it also works as an anti inflammatory and also a source of nutrients.

By Florance Saul
Aug 20, 2012