Tiger Lily

Tiger Lilly

Tiger Lily Flower Meaning

The tiger lily is a type of lily that spiritually represents wealth. Maybe someone has given you the tiger lily as a gift and you have stumbled on my website to find the flower meaning? I am here to help you. 

Superstitions About Tiger Lillies

Because of the spots on the tiger lily’s petals, there is a superstition that if you smell the blossom, you’re going to get freckles. It’s like some of the spots on the flower will transfer to you. In the same way that other types of lilies are associated with protection, tiger lilies signify protection against harm. People who believe in this superstition plant and grow tiger lilies around their house to keep evil, ghosts, and bad spells away.

What is the meaning of Tiger Flowers?

If you're thinking about growing Tiger Lillies or wondering what they mean. I hope you will find my guide practical and most importantly informative. This is the spiritual meaning of this wonderful flower. Lillies are generally found to be stunning flowers but in terms of symbolism are connected to obtaining money. The spots that are found on all the little petals are equal to money. Yes, that is right! Each spot denotes money for the grower. The color orange is connected to our own gut reactions and instincts in life. The spots on its petals can be taken to look like round coins. But simply by its looks, not a few find the tiger lily pretty special. Giving a tiger lily to someone you love (especially in the past) means that you have a lot of love to give.

Tiger Lily Flower Meaning

Tiger Lillies are what is known as “herbaceous perennials” they normally grow from a bulb that is planted in fall. The normal flowering season is August. The real name for a Tiger Lilly is “Lilium superb.” or Lilum tigerinum. From a botanical point of view, they are summering plants and similar to other bulbs such as tulips and snowdrops. The ideal time to plant the Lillies is October - December. This is ideally suited to oriental and trumpet Lillies. The Lilly bulbs should be purchased around the beginning of October as this is when nurseries tend to dig the bulbs. Try not to buy Lilly bulbs that have been sat about in bags as I have found these generally do not grow.

I have already said that they like the sun and they need organic soil. When I plant the bulb I make sure I loosen the soil around, to begin with and try to grow on raised beds. Tiger Lillies I find like a PH of about 6.5 to 7.6. In my garden, I raise the Lillies in their beds. In terms of other plants, I normally plant petunias among my Lillies. I deadhead them weekly and stake them to make sure they don’t fall over. I found a few years back rabbits seem to like to chew the early shoots and leaves and deers sometimes come and browse around them. Once they are well grown they are not normally bothered by anything in the garden.

What is the connection of Tiger Lillys to China?

Tiger Lilly has been cultivated in China for many years. It is a plant that looks great in the garden and grows to about 4-6 feet tall. There are many drooping orange flowers and these can come in a hybrid color: white, yellow, orange or even red with very dark dots. The interesting fact about this Lilly is that they have few insect pests. It is sterile and does not seed and can sometimes get what is known as the “mosaic virus” which can affect other plants.

Where to Grow Tiger Lillies in Your Garden

About five years ago a friend invited me into her garden and she was asking me where to plant her Tiger Lillies. I enjoy planting and see myself as a Herbie. Someone who plants a garden to protect happiness and wealth. Therefore, the positioning bulbs that improve life, happiness and productivity are super important to me. And, since my garden is spiritually connected (by the position of my plants) I was interested in improving her life.

I want to share this with you. In Feng Shui, it is important to grow certain plants in various places in the garden and I love to do this in my garden. Every one of us is subliminally aware of the effects of certain flowers and bulbs.We all know that orange, for instance, is exciting and stimulating. We live in a vibrant world of color, but we rarely see how important this is to our lives. Color and our surroundings change our mood and enhance our lives. That is why the “orange” of the tiger Lilly is super important to consider when thinking about planting them in your garden.

The flowers generally curve in a backward almost tunnel shape and they are spiritually associated with tranquility and peace. In order to understand the Tiger Lillies further, it is important to mention the color "orange." Orange is associated with sexual energy and also a higher level of mental agility. Orange is the color indicates attaining goals and wealth.Subconsciously orange Tiger Lilies can result in an emotional effect on our own subconscious minds. If orange plants are in the North-West this can denote wealth and positive energy!

Where to plant Tiger Lillies?

In terms of cultivating, Tiger Lillies like a south-facing position normally sunny location but I would normally recommend planting them in the South West due to the Fung Shui aspects (which I will speak about in a moment). They will tolerate a slight shade but really they are suited to a sunny position and don’t require much watering.

What position in my garden shall I plant Tiger Lillies to gain wealth?

I have already shared how I grow my Tiger Lillies, the next first step, to know where to plant the Lillies is to draw your garden on a piece of paper. Then divide this into nine grids. Make sure you know where “north” is in the garden. If you stand in the center of the garden and establish the North direction and the other directions on the compass this will help you create a spiritual garden.

Each square of the nine grid will help you determine the best position for the bulb. The plants that grow in the centre part - will determine if this plant will bring luck and influence the energies of your home. For the orange color, the Tiger Lillies need to be positioned in the South-West position in order to attract happiness. I also like to make sure I can plant them in lines of six. This is because the Lillies have six petals. I would also like to say that it is important to make sure you grow the Tiger Lillies are planted away from other kinds of Lillies. This is because if you do suffer from the dreaded mosaic virus, not all the Lillies will be affected.

What is the Ideal water content for Tiger Lillies?

Tiger lilies don’t require much water they can tolerate high temperatures and even drought. Additionally, they don’t even need Fertiliser but a good amount of compost around the bottom of the will help yield a better result. Once the Tiger Lilly bulb has been planted the doesn’t need much work. I normally feed my bulbs some organic mulch and this helps with the nutrients.

Giving Tiger Lillies As a Gift

It is not a secret that flowers can make you feel so much better in life. There have been many studies that having flowers in the home can reduce one's stress. Society has so many crazy ideas about giving and receiving flowers, and how this is focused on gender. For example, movies have always seen guys turn up with a bouquet of flowers. But what does it mean if someone gives you a tiger lily? In Victorian times Lillies were connected to funerals and it was seen as “rude” to give the flower.

Tiger Flowers at Funerals

My grandmother always said to me “never give a Lilly as a gift” I could never really understand it until I realized that it was because the white Lilly (folklore) was connected to the afterlife. This is only the White Lilly. Giving or receiving white Lillies is bad luck. It can be connected to a life full of chaos! Biblically speaking, white Lillies covered the Virgin Mary's tomb and from this Lillies have been associated with funerals.

White Lillies in our modern world have been chemically synthesized and normally sold to funeral parlors. This is normally an additive for embalming solutions. Lilies are often connected to funerals and weddings. This is because they are normally associated with life and death and lilies have been closely associated with both. Traditionally, in ancient Egypt, many funerals included the white lily.In ancient Greece and Rome as well as in East Asia the smell of the lily would often mask the smell of death with a strong fragrance.

Often, in Roman funerals, the white lily would cover the corpse to hide and mask the smell. In terms of Christianity, the white lily (as I have already mentioned) is often connected to the Virgin Mary in the reselection of God. The white lily itself is a symbol of the last judgment.

What does the Tiger Lily mean spiritually?

The tiger lily also symbolizes pride because of its vivacious color. Although many flowers have vibrant colors like the tiger lily. Indeed, compared with many other blossoms, tiger lily can be more stunning and dazzling. Keep in mind that the meaning of “pride” in the tiger lily has a positive connotation which is confidence – and not vanity or arrogance

Nobility is also often associated with tiger lily and this is the reason why this flower is also a symbol of wealth.

Tiger Lilly symbolism and history

Tiger lilies have so much symbolism in mythology, art, literature and popular culture. People have grown Tiger lilies for many years. Tiger Lilies are one of the oldest cultivated flowers in the world. They have been cited in old Chinese texts which date back 2,000 years! The Tiger Lilly first appeared in 1804 when the bulb was sent to William Kerr. The Japanese name is “oniyuri” which is called the Ogre Lilly. The specs are similar to a leopard. The other type of Lilly that is similar to the Tiger is called L.pardaliunum which is found in California.

The Tiger Lilly was made famous by William of Orange when he celebrated the victory over the Irish Catholics in 1691. William of Orange made sure that Tiger Lillies were paraded on the streets of Northern Ireland on the 12th of July. In 1970 the North American Lily Society reported that they had cultivated some orange lily babies. These were embryos from a related species. The latest trends in lily gardening lilies are a seductive symbol of death.

In 1871 Alice in Wonderland addressed a Tiger Lily when she tried to find her way out of the garden of live flowers. “O Tiger-lily, said Alice, addressing herself to one that was waving gracefully about the wind, I wish you could talk!” “We can talk, said the Tiger-lily, when there’s anybody worth talking to.” I thought this was quite an interesting quote! It literally encourages one to talk to Lillies in order to find out the future!

Interesting facts about Tiger Lillies

  • Name: The traditional white lily is normally associated with death or weddings but the Tiger Lily means wealth... read below for a more detailed meaning.
  • Color: Just like the animal, the Tiger is a bright and fiery animal.This amazing flower doesn’t really have stripes like its animal counterpart but rather, it has dark spots on the top part of the petal.
  • Shape: More than a star shape, the Tiger Lily also looks like a turk’s cap because the tips of the petals curl back to the base of the blossom.
  • Fact:  There are five species of the Tiger Lily.  These species are native to locations like western North America, southeastern North America, eastern and central North America, central China and northern Asia to Japan.
  • Poisonous:For all the varieties of the Tiger Lily these plants are not poisonous to humans.
  • Number of Petals: On close inspection, the Tiger Lily has six petals.
  • Victorian Interpretation: The vibrant and bold color of the Tiger Lily blossoms signifies wealth and affluence and also pride.
  • Blossom Time: Tiger lilies bloom in the earlier part of summer. Some have the tendency of blooming in midsummer.
  • The Bloom: When the Tiger Lily is on the verge of blooming, it has the shape of a tube or even an eggplant. Once the petals split open, it looks like an orange star from the front. When in full bloom, the petals have a way of curling back to their base that makes it look like a Turkish hat.
  • Petals: Out of all the flowers in the world, the Tiger Lily has the most unique looking petals. It’s not because they’re vibrantly colored in orange – remember that there are several flowers that come in vibrant orange too. It’s the spots that make it special. Be it black or dark violet spots, it gives character to the tiger lily that cannot be seen on any other flower.
  • Numerology: The Tiger lily is a 9 in numerology. It’s the number for creative expression.
  • Color: Tiger Lilies have various hues of orange. It’s not only light but it can also be bold and eye-catching.
  • Herbalism and Medicine: Medically speaking, Tiger Lilies have a reputation of relieving nausea and nasal congestion. Its’ a very useful plant considering that all its parts have herbal values – except for its pollen which can be toxic.
  • Interesting fact: The hummingbird is attracted to tiger Lilies and they often visit them often.

Tiger Lilly Flowers in Folklore

The Tiger Lillies in Greek mythology were connected to the queen of the gods. The Tiger Lilly was often known as the flower emblem of many different Greek goddesses. In folklore, the goddess Estre who was named after the Easter holiday was connected to the lily. Turning to Europe the Tiger Lily came to the symbolism of the female cup. Interestingly, the word chalice comes from the word “Calyx” which is connected to the lily flower. Normally, lilies are white and therefore associated with peace, instant virginity. However, the Tiger Lily being Orange is often associated with masculine combinations and qualities. The King of France, in the late Victorian times, grew in a number of lilies and this then became the emblem of French royalty. There is also an interesting song by Solomon and it reads “ as a nearly among the thorns, so is my love among the daughters. And this is associated with Israel’s position in life.

In ancient times Lillies were used for many different purposes such as food and medicine. They are often used to charm another person and Greek and Roman mythology mentions cooking the bulbs in order to produce a dish very similar to potatoes. In China, for instance, Lilies were often cooked and served at weddings. The White Lilly of the valley is often sent by loved ones for funeral flowers and this (according to Greek mythology is associated with peace after death)

It is not a secret that flowers can make you feel so much better in life. There have been many studies that having flowers in the home can reduce one's stress. Society has so many crazy ideas about giving and receiving flowers, and how this is focused on gender. For example, movies have always seen guys turn up with a bouquet of flowers. But what does it mean if someone gives you a Tiger Lilly? In Victorian times Lillies were connected to funerals and it was seen as “rude” to give the flower.

Summary of Tiger Lily Meanings

In summary, Tiger Lillies are amazing flowers. There are so many lily species and hundreds of hybrids. Even though they make great garden plants the lily emerging in the spring is a great feeling and they are often known as the royalty species due to their trumpet blooms. 

By Florance Saul
Aug 20, 2012