Striped Carnation

Striped Carnation

What does the striped carnation mean spiritually?

Striped carnations have more of a negative connotation compared with its solidly-colored counterpart.

It signifies rejection or refusal.  It says that you can’t be with someone or it’s a simple no to a lover’s affections.  Because it has a mix of colors in it, it’s seen to mean a gentler rejection compared to what you would get from yellow carnations.  And if it’s paired with another solidly-colored carnation, it strongly expresses the feeling of regret.

Legend has it that the two-colored carnation came to be from a romantic (although quite melancholic) legendary story of two Italians named Margherita and Orlando.  Margherita gave Orlando a white carnation that he carried with him when he went to fight in the war. He was mortally wounded and drops of blood fell at the center of the carnation.

  • Name:  Striped Carnation
  • Color:  Striped carnations can combine any two solid colored carnations.  Also, there are white carnations with red, pink or purple stripes.  You can also find red carnation with white stripes and there can even be yellow carnation with red stripes. These days, flower farm breeders can come up with different color combinations.
  • Shape:  Because of the stripes that a carnation has, it gives off an illusion to the overall shape of the flower - which is quite different from its pompom-looking shape. Instead, striped carnations can look like pencil shavings bunched up on one stem.  Either way, it forms a sphere of delicate beauty.
  • Fact:  Striped carnations are hybrids of the solid colored ones.  Just like the blue carnation, these flowers are genetically altered.
  • Poisonous:  Yes, striped carnations are poisonous but only a low level of toxicity for the leaves of this plant.
  • Number of Petals:  Striped carnations can have just five petals.  However, there are blossoms that have double flowers. In such case, it can have much more number of petals that can reach up to 40.
  • Victorian Interpretation: If solid colored carnations mean yes, it’s the opposite with the striped carnation.  It’s the same with the yellow carnation although the refusal in this case is symbolized in a gentler manner.  Giving someone a striped carnation is like saying “sorry, I can't be with you” or “I wish I could be with you but it’s just that the circumstances don’t allow”.
  • Blossom Time:  Hybrid or not, carnations bloom their best from June to August. But if the carnation is cut and put on a watered vase, they can last you even longer.

Striped Carnation Superstitions: 

Superstitions about carnations cover this type of flowering plant in general.  Worn on a young girl’s hair in Korea, the three carnations were utilized to tell what the future holds for the girl.  While pink is the most common color for the carnation used in this fortune telling, pink striped carnations also work.

In terms of luck, carnations, specifically the red ones were thought to be a source of good luck for President McKinley.  A vase of these flowers were always on his desk in the White House and he always wore one on his coat.  When he gave this carnation away to an admirer, he was shot by an assassin.

What the Striped Carnation Mean?

The blood-stained white carnation was brought back to her by Orlando’s comrades – and in turn Margherita planted it. Amazingly, each carnation that blooms out of it is a white carnation with crimson red at the center.

Margherita never married and felt the same love and the devotion from the moment she first saw him - till she gasped her last breath.

  • The Shape:  When the striped carnation is only a bud, it’s shaped into a tight ball.  Little by little this ball opens up with the petals peaking out.  In full bloom, the striped carnation looks like a pompom of two colors.
  • Petals:  Striped carnations have petals that are scalloped or fringed.  Bunched up on the stem, it looks more like colored pencil shavings.
  • Numerology:  Carnations have a numerology number of 5.  This indicates adventure, vision and expansiveness.
  • Color:  Whatever the color of the carnation, it means a gentle rejection.

Herbalism and Medicine In Relation To The Striped Carnation:  

Used in tea or as oils or cream, carnations help with stress and health issues like inflammation.

By Flo Saul
Aug 20, 2012