Pink Larkspur

Pink Larkspur Meaning

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The pink larkspur has a pretty straightforward meaning in the Victorian language of flowers. 

It signifies fickleness.  In general, this blossom meant an open heart, ardent attachment to something or to someone.  It also meant lightness and levity.  As the color of the flower changes, the meaning also changes.  For example, purple larkspur does not mean fickle but means haughtiness or arrogance instead.  And it can also be associated with the quality of swiftness.

  • Name:  Pink Larkspur
  • Color:  Larkspur has a blossom that’s available in many different colors – and in different hues.  The pink larkspur doesn’t just have one shade of pink but it varies from pastel versions of the color to the darker shades that almost look like red.
  • Shape:  The pink larkspur has more of an irregular shape that can be characterized in many different ways.  For one, the blossoms are named larkspur because they look like a lark in flight.  Its sepals also grow to a formation of a hollow pocket that has a spur on its end.  And when the blossoms open up, it looks like a bottle nosed dolphin.
  • Fact:  Delphinium is the scientific name for the pink larkspur.  From the Latin word that means dolphin – and that alludes to the shape of the flower when it’s opening.
  • Poisonous:  All parts of the larkspur plant are poisonous.
  • Number of Petals:  One might say that the pink larkspur has nine petals all in all.  The sepals of this plant look just like its petals so really this blossom only has four petals.
  • Victorian Interpretation:  The pink larkspur only has one Victorian meaning.  In the language of flowers, this means fickleness.
  • Blossom Time:  Although known as the flower of the month of July, the pink larkspur blooms at an earlier time.  Particularly if planted in the fall, they will start to bloom in April.
  • Superstitions:  Larkspur is a protective plant that is said to keep venomous snakes and also scorpions away.  Apart from these threats, larkspur was also thought to be a good protective charm from ghosts.  Particularly in Transylvania, they used dried larkspur and placed it in their stables.  This was to keep sorcerers from putting a hex on their livestock.
  • In England, the protective powers of the larkspur were more expansive.  It not only protected animals but also people from evil spells.  People even sprinkled larkspur in their bathwater to increase the protection.  For anyone who seemed possessed, larkspur was placed around the person so it can frighten away the demons.
  • To strengthen one’s vision, larkspur flowers were used to look through midsummer bonfires.
  • The Shape:  There’s much debate about what the pink larkspur really looks like.  The thing is, it’s going to be based on your perception and how you see the pink larkspur.  To some, the petals make no specific shape at all.  While others think that it looks like a hollow pocket with a spur.  Also, not a few look at larkspur flower as something that takes the shape of a dolphin or a lark in flight.
  • Petals:  Found within the sepals, the larkspur has four petals.
  • Numerology:  Larkspur is number 8 in numerology.  It has the qualities of being status oriented, power seeking and cold.
  • Color:  Mainly because of its color, the pink larkspur represents fickleness – which is spawned by the spectrum of pink shades that this species of plant has.

Herbalism and Medicine

Medicinally speaking, the larkspur is said to work as an appetite stimulant.  It can also be a diuretic or a sedative.  The most potent part of the larkspur is its seed.  However, all these medicinal uses are yet to be proven.

By Florance Saul
Aug 20, 2012