Peony flower

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The peony is often associated with several meanings that include romance and prosperity.

It also symbolizes good fortune and happy marriages because the blossoms of the peony flower is round which symbolizes money. The generous look of the peony flower also represents fortune in romance thus it symbolize a happy marriage. Traditionally, couples that are celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary are given peonies as present.

Another meaning for peony flower connotes compassion, bashfulness and shame. This is because according to some legends, nymphs who are shy and bashful to show themselves to humans tend to hide on the petals of the peonies. Again since the peony flower has generous petals, some associate it with compassion. There is also a story in Greek Mythology that claims Paeon was turned into a peony so that he can be spared from the natural human death.

  • Name: Peony
  • Color: Comes in many different colors but the standard are white, pink and red
  • Shape: When it’s not fully bloomed it’s cup-shaped
  • Fact: The peony flower when fully bloomed can get as big as ten inches wide and can become bigger than a sunflower.
  • Poisonous: Yes all parts of the peony plant can be poisonous especially when taken in excess.
  • Number of Petals: This depends on the type of peony flowers but the least number of petals would be 5.
  • Victorian Interpretation: Shame, Happy Life and Happy Marriage
  • Blossom Time: From late spring to early summer
  • Superstitions:They say that when the peony bushes in your garden are full of flowers or bloom during spring then the family will have a good fortune ahead. On the other hand, if the leaves of the peony bush dry up and the flower fade or will have an unpleasant color, then the family will have to be prepared for a disaster is on its way.
  • The Shape: A peony is shaped like a teacup when it is not fully bloomed. It’s also as big as teacup before it fully spreads.
  • Petals: The characteristics of the petals of peony would depend on its type.
  • Numerology: The expression number of peony is 3 that depict trinity.
  • Color: Peonies come sin many different colors. Some are in solid state while some can be a combination of colors. The most common however are pink, white and red. Other colors are purple, green, orange and there are even those that have multiple colors in a bloom.

What the Peony Means

In China, peonies symbolize nobility. The Chinese people give high regards to the peony flowers for a long time now. The most popular time however was during the Sui and Tang dynasty. It was planted at the imperial palace during those times as they are considered to be of high value. They are also considered as a symbol for nobility and honor and were dubbed as the king of flowers since only the emperor is allowed to own them.It also became as the traditional flower symbol of China.

Peonies are said to represent beauty and female fertility as well. This is because of the fact that it blooms during or even directly after spring. Another symbolic meaning of the peony flower is peace but only when the flower is in full bloom. As for the negative connotation of peony, it could mean indignation and put to shame. As far as state representation, peony is actually the state flower of Indiana.

Herbalism and Medicine

The peony has a lot of medicinal properties and is widely used in Eastern medicine. The Chinese use the roots of the peony to treat symptoms of asthma, convulsions and menstrual cramps.

By Florance Saul
Aug 21, 2012