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Orange Mock Meaning

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The mock orange is also the designated flower of the state of Idaho.

It was used to design the state seal of Idaho in 1890 but it was only recognized as the official state flower in 1931. What makes this symbolic is the fact that orange mock is actually the first state flower in any other state. The seal that was designed in 1890 by Emma Edwards was used to officially represent Idaho in 1893’s Chicago World’s Fair. 

To be more specific on the state flower of Idaho, syringe or the Philadelhuslewisii is the specie of the state flower. The scientific species name is in honor of Meriwether Lewis who took time to write about the flower in his expedition’s journal. The voyage is known as the 1803-1806 Lewis and Clark expedition.

According to history, the Lewis’s Mock orange was widely used by Native Americans as a primary carving material and also used for soap making. The shrub’s hardwood was carved in order to produce hunting tools, pipes, furniture and snowshoes. On the other hand, the leaves and barks that were soaked in water are used in soap making.

In terms of flower essences, the mock orange means that you want the feminine qualities of a person to come out. This is both true for men and women. The orange mock flower essences encourage gentleness and nurturing. And can also calm an overly aggressive person. In Greek, syringe means pipe is often referring to the pipe stems of the orange mock.

  • Name: Orange Mock
  • Color: White with yellow center
  • Shape: Star-shaped
  • Fact: Orange Mock is the state flower of Idaho.
  • In etymology, orange mock is named as it because of its sweet smell that is similar to the scent of an orange or a lemon. The flower also looks similar to the blooms of an orange tree. But don’t be fooled because it’s definitely not a part of an orange tree. Although it also smells like jasmine, the orange mock is not a part of the jasmine family either as it has a species of its own. In fact, it has 60 different species scattered all over Asia, southeast Europe and North America.
  • Poisonous: Yes especially to cats and birds
  • Number of Petals: Four
  • Victorian Interpretation: Deceit
  • Blossom Time: Late Spring to June
  • Superstitions: Never give a bride-to-be some orange mock flowers because the wedding might be cancelled. The soon-to-be bride may change her mind and may wake up from her disillusions.
  • The Shape: The orange mock is often described as upright, small and star shaped flower that grow in cluster.
  • Petals:have 4-6 petals and sepals per flower.
  • Numerology: Deceit is the Victorian meaning of orange mock and overbalanced number 2 energy represents deceit in numerology.
  • Color: White which often depicts pureness but in this case, if you follow the Victorian meaning - it means exactly the opposite which is deceit.

Herbalism and Medicine

The leaves of the orange mock when dried can be mixed with oil or pitch so it can be rubbed on swollen joints and sores. If the powdered leaves are not present, you can use the powdered wood.

It’s also used for treatment of infected breasts. This is done by making a compress of mortared leaves and applying it to the affected breast. If you make a strained decoction of the flowers and branches, it can be used as a soaking solution for the treatment of eczema, sore chests as well as bleeding hemorrhoids.

The essence of the mock orange flower on the other hand is used to heal those that are stuck with emotional patterns related to fear, anger, low self-esteem and someone who is inflexible.

By Florance Saul
Aug 21, 2012