Uncover Hidden Flowers meanings

Gloxinias signify love at first sight. 

Although there really isn’t that much information about how this all started, it’s a great symbolism that may actually kick off your love life. So if you met someone and love blossomed in your heart in a snap, you can express your feelings with a pot of gloxinias if you’re too shy to show and express your feelings. 

Send the person you love these flowers and if they know what it all means, it can mean the start of a beautiful relationship.

On the other hand, gloxinias also mean a proud spirit.  This probably has to do with the size of the flowers of the gloxinia.  Usually very tiny flowers of white, maroon or purple, they stand out against the lush leaves that grow underneath them.

  • Name:  Gloxinia
  • Color:  Purple is the most common color for gloxinia flowers.  However, some gloxinia species springs out white and also maroon flower.
  • Shape:  Gloxinia flowers are shaped like small bells.
  • Fact:  Propagation for gloxinias can be done through cuttings and leaves.  Through propagating leaves, the mature leaves are cut into wedge shaped pieces.  And if planted vertically on the soil, new gloxinia plants will grow. The gloxinia plant originated from the jungles of Brazil but is now seen on most gardens. It was discovered in 1785 and classified as genus gloxinia but later reclassified as part of genus Sinningia.
  • Poisonous:  No.  Gloxinia is safe for humans and animals alike.
  • Number of Petals:  Gloxinia blooms have a trumpet shape when they’re closed.  When it opens, it splits into five petals that form a bell shape.
  • Victorian Interpretation:  The Victorian meaning for gloxinias is love at first sight.
  • Blossom Time:  Gloxinia flowers start to bloom in September and continue to go on until October.


Being a symbol for love at first sight, it is suppose to make the person you gave the flower to - fall head over heels with you the first time your eyes meet. But apart from this belief, gloxinias were thought to call the attention of admirers and would be partners when you walk around holding a single gloxinia flower.

  • The Shape:  Most flowers have the shape of a campanula and the gloxinia is one of these flowers.  In bloom, the flower buds look like small trumpets.
  • Petals: Gloxinia flowers that haven’t bloomed look like small trumpets as the petals are fused tightly together.  In a few days, the petals split open to reveal a vibrant flower.
  • Numerology: The gloxinia is about independence and leadership.  It is represented by the number one.  It’s pioneering and it’s attaining.  It’s also about being the initiator for change and may also relate to individuality.  Number 1 is symbolized by the sun.
  • Color:  Gloxinias are available in colors like white, purple and maroon.  There are other varieties of gloxinias that offer more vibrant colors like shocking pink, red with a tinge of pink and dark violet with a tinge of purple on the sides.

Herbalism and Medicine:  

Gloxinia flowers are mainly used as ornaments in and around the home.  In terms of medicinal properties, these would still have to be discovered. But for the shamans, gloxinia flowers are used as a tool for their sacred and spiritual journey.  Photographs of the flowers as well as the flowers themselves help the shaman with his mediation. 

With a clearer mind and a stronger connection to the universe from the colors and shades that the gloxinia has, it’s easier for him to accomplish spiritual healing.  Both for him as well as for others, the journey of healing comes easily with the help of the gloxinia blossoms.

By Florance Saul
Aug 20, 2012