Eucharis Lily

Eucharis Lily Meaning

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The eucharis lily is a very pretty blossom. 

Its looks have a lot to do with its association to maiden charms.  What makes a woman attractive?  It’s her looks, it’s her innocence, and it’s her purity.  Every quality is embodied in the eucharis lily.

  • Name:  Eucharis Lily
  • Color:  Just like a proper lily, the eucharis lily is white.  For some blossoms, they can have a greenish or a yellowish tinge particularly in its center.
  • Shape:  Eucharis lilies bloom in groups.  As a cluster, it’s shaped like an umbel.  But one blossom on its own looks like a six pointed star with a cup in the middle of it.
  • Fact:  Because of the cup at the center of the blossom, this flower looks very much like daffodils and jonquils.
  • Poisonous:  The various parts of the eucharis lily are poisonous if ingested.
  • Number of Petals: The eucharis lily has six petals/tepals.
  • Victorian Interpretation:  When it was taboo to speak out one’s feelings, eucharis lilies conveyed a message of maiden charms.
  • Blossom Time:  If the eucharis lily is planted in February, it will start to bloom its beautiful white blossoms in the winter season.


There really aren’t that many superstitions based on the eucharis lily exactly.  However, when it comes to any flower with the common name lily, they’re usually associated with religion and Christianity and also with flower magic.  In religion, lilies are the most popular symbols of the Virgin Mary and this mainly has to do with its color.

To depict purity and innocence at weddings, lilies like the eucharis lily were worn by the brides as crowns.  In the realm of magic, it is believed that lilies give protection.  If a house has lilies growing in the garden, it keeps demons and ghosts away.

With the belief that lilies sprung up from the tears of Eve when she and Adam were cast out of the Garden of Eden, it’s said that white lilies grew on the graves of people who were wrongly accused.

  • The Shape:  When you look at the eucharis lily, it’s not hard to confuse them with daffodils, narcissus and the jonquil – because of their glaring similarity to each other. But looking at it up close, you can set apart eucharis lilies’ because of its distinct features of having six petals that form the shape of a star and right at its center – that forms into a cup formation.
  • Petals:  Without really giving it a thought, you can easily say that the eucharis lily has six petals.  Considering it’s one of the types of lilies, it’s a flower that has three petals and three sepals.
  • Numerology:  The eucharis lily is number 7.  Thought, introspection and also analysis are key characteristics.  On the downside, it also pertains to seclusiveness or always wanting to stay alone.
  • Color:  The eucharis lily is only available in one color, white.  However, as showy as a plant it is, it can sometimes have some variations of green tinged petals.  It can also have some yellow hints of color particularly where the cup is.

Herbalism and Medicine:  

Considered a poisonous plant, you might not really think of using eucharis lily for curing ailments and sicknesses but it actually does – albeit through topical uses only. In some places, the leaf is placed on the forehead of someone who has a headache.

Sometimes, its properties as a violent emetic make it very useful.  For anyone who needs to expel something from their tummies, the bulb of the eucharis lily can work.  As an unproven use, you might want to consult with your doctor before using the eucharis lily bulbs.

By Flo Saul
Aug 20, 2012