Uncover Hidden Flowers meanings

Cyclamens are symbolic of resignation.  It’s the flower that means goodbye too. 

The most appropriate occasion to give cyclamens away to friend would be when they’re moving away or if they’re retiring.

Because it is poisonous, death is also attached to its meaning.  It also presents the fact that good things come to an end and so it’s also the type of flower you might want to make use of at funerals – because it speaks of departure aside from moving away and retiring.

  • Name:  Cyclamen
  • Color:  Cyclamen flowers have color white petals but there are pink and purple shades too.
  • Shape:  As the petals spring out of the cyclamen bud, its blossoms forms into different shapes. However, the most common shape resembles the appearance of a cup-like figure.
  • Fact:  Cyclamens are tuberous plants.  The roots and the flower grow from the tuber. The uniqueness and beauty of this flower adds splendor to the “snow” months as they bloom during the winter season and goes into dormancy during the summer months. Aside from the charm of the flower, it is also worth looking into its stems for its odd - yet interesting patterns. Cyclamens are also known as Primrose and Persian violet but ironically, cyclamens are neither color violet nor a rose.
  • Poisonous:  Cyclamens are poisonous.  Basically, the toxins come from the bulb and the rhizomes.
  • Number of Petals:  This flower has five petals.
  • Victorian Interpretation:  Based on the Victorian language of flowers, cyclamens denote resignation.  They’re the flowers that you give to someone you’re saying goodbye to.
  • Blossom Time:  There are various types of cyclamen plants.  Depending on the species, it can bloom from the winter season to springtime or summer to autumn.


Probably because the cyclamen is poisonous, it is deemed as a very powerful plant.  One of the superstitions is that pregnant women should stay away from this plant.  If a woman steps on a cyclamen blossom when she’s bearing a child can mean premature birth.  On the other hand, any woman who is in labor will have a speedy delivery if the blossom is worn around the woman’s neck.

But although it may cause danger on pregnant women, bald old English men must love it.  The belief is that, putting cyclamen flowers in one’s nostrils can cure baldness.

Also, these flowers have a close association to Valentine’s Day.  For the most part, flower shops are packed with cyclamens during this holiday.  If someone eats the corms of the cyclamen, he or she will fall in love very easily.  But it’s not advised that you feed the corms to someone you love because if you’re caught, it means a love life of grief.

  • The Shape:  When cyclamen petals are bent upward and outward, the bloom look like cups.  But if the petals have a twisted look on them, it can look like wings spread out from the base of the flower.
  • Petals:  The ways the petals are shaped determine the overall shape of the flower. The width and the length of its petals vary widely.
  • Numerology:  In numerology, cyclamens fall under the number 4. The characteristics associated with this number are order, growth and foundation.
  • Color:  Cyclamen petals have colors like white, pink and purple. There are some classes of cyclamens that have a mix of colors on the petals like white with streaks of pink. There are cyclamens that have dark purple colored bases while the rest of the flower is light purple or pink.

Herbalism and Medicine: 

Although cyclamen are known to be poisonous, it’s added to ointment to help heal snake bites.  For people suffering of nose congestion, this flower can clear up the sinuses.  It can also help with skin problems like blemishes or boils.  Used as a plaster, it can help with sunburns too.

By Florance Saul
Aug 20, 2012