Uncover Hidden Flowers meanings

There’s no other type of flower that truly depicts the true meaning of devotion and love than the arbutus. 

While it’s true that many different flowers have romantic meanings attached to them, it’s with the white or the pale pink blossom of the arbutus plant that you can convey the message of undying love and eternal devotion. This makes arbutus a good addition to your wedding bouquet if you’re looking for something that symbolizes love and devotion to it.

Whatever stage of a relationship you’re in, giving this flower means you are more than willing to build a strong foundation of your relationship – strong enough to withstand the test of time. Coupled with uttered words of undying devotion, a bouquet of arbutus is the perfect flower to give before you slipped the diamond-studded engagement ring to your “love of your life’s” finger.

Superstitions Of Arbutus

Aside from arbutus flower’s romantic meaning, there is also a superstition that surrounds this type of blossom.  In witchcraft, it’s a tool used for exorcism.  But also, if there are any bad spirits wandering about, it’s also the kind of plant and flower you want to have around for protection.

  • Name:  Arbutus
  • Color:  The arbutus flowers come in two colors - white or pale pink.
  • Shape:  These flowers take on a bell shape.
  • Fact:  As the Spanish conquistador stepped on the shore of the New World, this was the first flower that the Pilgrims came upon.  It thrives remarkably fine even with fungus creeping around it – and even gives a more vibrant look in hues of white and pink. 
  • Poisonous:  No.
  • Number of Petals:  The flowers of the arbutus plant have five petals.
  • Victorian Interpretation:  In the Victorian age, the flowers of the arbutus have one of the most romantic meanings.  It means “thee only do I love” or in plain English, I love only you.
  • Blossom Time:  The trailing arbutus blooms from the months of March to May which is mostly why it’s also referred to as the Mayflower. But other arbutus flowers bloom in the fall season.
  • The Shape:  Much like with many different kinds of flowers, the arbutus is a bell shaped blossom.  Even if it’s in full bloom, it’s going to retain the delicate shape of a bell.  In clusters of white or pale pink, they’ll look like little bells so beautiful that you can almost hear a sweet little tinkle from them.
  • Petals:  The arbutus has five petals.  The most beautiful ones are those that bloom with the petals symmetrically springing from the stem.
  • Numerology:  Arbutus’ numerology falls under number 3.  It’s an expression of the trinity that always looks for balance since it has deviated from the harmony of expression number 2.  However, it’s a good symbol for self expression, the expression of devotion with loving only one.
  • Color:  White is the color that best symbolizes purity. But arbutus’ different hues of white are also symbol of devotion and its pale pink as an eternal love. 
  • Herbalism and Medicine:  For the people living in Vancouver Island, the arbutus plant has many uses for them.  One of its most important uses is in the field of medicine. The barks, as well as the leaves, are used as treatment for common ailments like colds and stomach problems. Some cultures of early Chinese and Americans uses it as a diuretic (to stimulate urination) and urinary tract anti-septic. The highly revered Roman physician, Galen uses Arbutus leaves as an astringent to treat wounds as well as stop bleeding. For tuberculosis treatment, arbutus also had some wondrous effects.  It’s also a base ingredient for contraceptives.

By Florance Saul
Aug 17, 2012