Spiders crawling

Spiders Crawling

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Jung believed seeing spiders crawling on one in the dream state is connected to our shadow personality. The darker side of our personality.

A spider is an arachnid with eight legs and has an unsegmented body which consists of a fused thorax, head, and abdomen. The fangs of a spider do inject poison into their prey. If you dream about a spider, it can mean that you are feeling out of place in a particular situation. It could also represent the feminine power of an overbearing mother figure.

Spiders are known to be creators because they can weave their web from their body and the same web is what looks after them and feed them at the same time. So a spider in your dream could represent the life web or how you weave your destiny. This type of dream can denote that; you are paving the foundations for your future; that you are currently at a very productive stage in your life which will reward you shortly. So if you see a spider weaving the web in your dream, it could imply that there is something which will take some time before it takes shape in your life.

Killing a spider that has crawled on you in your dream could foretell of repressing or denying that something that is threatening your peace of mind or you in general. If the spider looks dangerous or harmful, it could be representing an aspect of you or your life which is not aligned with your highest ideals or potentials.

Walking into a spider web, then the spiders crawling on your hair in your dream could be a sign of your being preoccupied with a problem that is bothering you. It is important to wait for the right moment; then act swiftly to deal with the emotional part of the issue or dilemma.

When you see a spider in your dream weaving its web, it could symbolize creative energy. It could represent the various aspects of your life. This could be a woman: mother, lover, daughter, and a professional women from a work context. It could be that you are trying to bring together different aspects to become who you wish to be. A spider crawling in the shower in the dream state could represent entanglement in situations or relationships or a web of lies. Hard work and a reward for it is on your way.

Dreaming of a spider in bed with you is a symbol that, there is a female person who is disrupting your personal life especially when it comes to romantic relationships. If you are in a relationship review if a boyfriend or girlfriend is causing problems. If the spider was crawling up a wall it indicates peace in your waking relationships.

To have a spider tattoo can mean that, you are not afraid to express your creative or feminine side. But if the tattoo is a poisonous spider, it could denote that, you are hiding something deadly and deceitful which could cause harm to others.

If the crawling spider in your dream is devouring its prey, it could be a warning that you may be working alongside someone who is an opportunist who will try to achieve their goals by using your abilities or talent.

In your dream

  • Spiders are crawling all over the body.
  • Worried about spiders on the body.
  • Spiders are crawling up a wall.
  • Spiders all over your body.
  • Spiders all over the floor and coming towards you.
  • Spider on your face.
  • Spiders on your legs.
  • Spiders in your mouth.
  • Spiders in your hair.
  • Largely shaped spiders are crawling on you.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you dream spiders are crawling all over the body, it forewarns that you are about to face a negative problem from a person who is present in your life. This person is close to you that you will be shocked why they are interfering. You are feeling threatened by some people, events, or tasks which are disturbing, annoying or irritating. You are shocked or bothered but not harmed.

If you are worried about seeing spiders on your body in the dream, it could represent a concern in your life. Are you worried about how something in your life is going to turn out? If the spider bites you it could indicate that you have an emotional wound from the present or the past. Worries about spiders crawling can also indicate the fact you are feeling trapped. Someone you know is trying to drain you, or you might be in a difficult relationship.

A situation whereby you see a spider crawling up your body could imply that the desire you currently have will be apparent soon. If the spider is seen on a ceiling in your dream, it indicates that you are feeling trapped in a particular relationship. For the floor to be full of crawling spiders suggests you are unable to escape from difficulties in life. A baby spider (money spider) seen in dreams can denote that, you are in a recent or a new relationship. Alternatively, a spider crawling down onto you can be a sign of misfortunes and your inability to solve problems in a relationship.

Spiders on the floor and to see one spider crawling towards you could have several meanings. Spiders are often connected to a threat in waking life. As we have already concluded they are associated with females. To see many spiders in the dream state crawling on the floor could be associated with a nightmare! It represents areas of your life which are affected by others. A spider could represent your childhood carer or your present supervisor at work. This suggests that the dream has a connection to your childhood and present life. Thus, to see many spiders crawling on the floor indicates there are certain issues in your life which you need to address.

To see a big spider crawling towards you, or chasing you indicates that you may not be able to achieve your goals or that your relationship with colleagues is impacting negatively on your home life. The dream is also a reflection of the stress in life. To kill a crawling spider in the dream suggests that others will turn to you for advice - possibly a female.

Seeing a spider crawling on your face in the dream foretells a new member of your family or an increase in wealth. If you are a woman, it denotes that, if you are not pregnant, then you could possibly conceive. In the case of a man, if your wife is not pregnant, she maybe soon!

Seeing a spider on your leg in your dream can foretell that you are feeling trapped in a relationship. Being bitten by a spider is far worse than seeing one crawling, it implies that you will have conflicts with a female figure in your life. It could be your mother or a female colleague or friend. The "biting" of a spider in a dream represents the feminine power to entrap or possess.

To see a spider coming out of your mouth or stomach represents the lack of control in life. Dreaming of eating a spider could represent that you are in control of a particular situation. Someone is exerting their dominance in a relationship. You need to express your opinions and thoughts carefully.

A spider entangled in your hair represents the problems you are facing, especially if the hair is curly and long denotes major problems in waking life. It is a dream which denotes someone or something is disturbing your peace and ruining your contentment.

Seeing largely shaped spiders crawling on you and laying eggs could be a warning that you will have health problems. It foretells of internal health problems like arthritis or diseases of similar nature. If the large spider is non-deadly, it means that you have friends who are powerful but are not able to assist you when it comes to difficulties.

Feelings associated with the dream

Worried about the spider. Frightened. Sick. Successful. Misfortune. Disturbed. Possessive. Entrapped. Bitter

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017