Dreams About Losing Your Teeth

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Dreams About Losing Your Teeth.

Dreams about losing teeth are considered one of the most common dreams…ever! 

Dreams are one of the oldest mysteries on earth and are associated with events in our lives. This dream is probably one of the most disturbing dreams to encounter and I am here to help you decode your “loosing teeth” dream. If you have never had a filling in your life then the dream of your teeth falling out indicates there are problems you are facing a life. A healthy mouth is important in a dream as it represents your “personal” well being. These teeth dreams can come in many different forms. Maybe you were frantically trying to pick up your teeth falling down on the floor or that you were spitting out your teeth. This dream results in us waking up wondering what this drama really means. 

Dreams about losing teeth is a stress-induced dream: Teeth that are missing from the mouth, pulled out, breaking or spat out indicates our own internal stresses. It is true to say that in dream psychology teeth are connected to our own stress levels. Therefore, I can conclude that this is a stress-induced dream. If we turn to the famous dream psychologist Sigmund Freud he believed that dreams about losing teeth is a symbolism of how we feel in life. Freud believed that teeth being lost indicates change and that we are feeling oppressed.

Does losing teeth in a dream mean death? This is an old wives tale. I don’t think this rings true. There is a definitive reason why you had this dream and it is more to do with (as I have said several times before) the stress in life. It could be you would like more “control” over a situation or that something has happened in your personal life that means you have not been able to carry out your own objectives. 

Why have I had a dream about losing my teeth? Think about dreams as a way of helping us decode our own emotions of the day. Dreaming is one of the most important ways of the process this particular information, if our lives are full of anxiety and stress then this is a common dream.  Generally speaking, the teeth that fall out during the dream is often connected to “losing” something important. It could be that you are going through a recovery or you have suffered some emotional damage that has been inflicted either in childhood or through your early years. It is a “vulnerable” type of dream that brings insight into the specific stresses that we can count on a daily basis. Trying to get a handle on this dream is a good way to understand the stress that you are experiencing both your dreams and in waking life. Here I am going to run down what this dream means from a psychology viewpoint:

Feeling insecure: the dream falling out indicates that you may encounter a feeling of insecurity. In psychology, our teeth falling out represents not only stress but also the feelings of not being secured in an element of life stop this could be a relationship alternatively job. It’s important to note that teeth falling out represents emotional times ahead stop you cannot touch your teeth in your mouth then this shows that you’re going to go through a period of engagement. It may be that you uncover a difficult situation or that you are trying to find the best course of action to a problem.

Making decisions: dreams about losing your teeth could indicate that something is not balanced in life. It is normally associated with personal objectives. If the teeth are falling out of your mouth you are trying to catch them and this can indicate that you need to change certain aspects of your life. The symbolism of your teeth falling on the floor can indicate the end of a period in life. Normally this type of dream occurs during the REM sleep stage. It can indicate you going to be confronted with many different opportunities going forward. Everything is manageable and you must try to enhance your life for the greater good after having such a dream. Sometimes we dream that our teeth are black, moldy or rotten. Spiritually this implies the Crown borrowed success. As the teeth are being lost in a dream it can indicate that you need to work on meditation grounding.

Problems in life: dreaming about losing teeth can also signify you might be facing a number of problems and that you do not know how to solve them. I like to think that the chief represents our own protective crown.  teeth are broken or in poor shape, it is a symbolism whereby you need to draw attention to inner concerns.

Identity issues: dreaming about losing teeth is concerned with our own personal identity. Everybody has a smile, in a dream state if you are unable to smile because of the chief being lost in this can creates the perception. There are issues about perhaps assertiveness, self-confidence and also overcoming anxiety. As your teeth are missing can indicate that need to find your own identity communicate better with people. Being toothless is a reminder that you need to face challenging situations and be one with your own identity.

What did Sigmund Freud write about dreams of losing teeth? I have touched on dream psychologist my opening paragraph, the Freudian that the dream is connected to male private parts. Yes, you heard right! It is associated with a partner or someone who holds power and control over you. Freud researched extensively what dreams about teeth really meant. The dream is caused normally by power shifts. It can denote a sudden loss of control over something important in life. If you are feeling your power has been taken from you then this dream is common. 

What does it mean to dream about losing teeth and then this "tooth" breaks? Dreams about losing teeth and then they are breaking can be quite concerning. If the teeth are broken and this can signify that something in your life is broken you need to try to understand what is. From a dream psychology perspective breaking teeth recommends reviewing your current activities. Traditionally, teeth are symbolic of our stress in life. They also sometimes have a sinister association due to a lack of imagination or focusing on material aspect in life. Dreaming of losing teeth can suggest pride in the work when it is broken indicates you are overregulated in your job or home life. 

What does it mean to dream of losing teeth and new teeth growing? If you lost teeth, however, find that they are growing again can indicate that you have issues with either power or authority stop the dream to be encouraging you to see how you behave towards others and take a more controlled viewpoint in life. The new teeth growing is a positive omen. It can be a sign that you have out exploited and past but things are starting to move in the right direction. Growing teeth is also representative of new beginnings. It can suggest that even through insecurity or questioning the value of your own skills you can overcome anything. The inside of your mouth is also equally important. If your mouth looks healthy then this can suggest that it might be a subconscious message to find a more comfortable level of emotional expression.

As we get older we tend to become more anxious and worry about things that we didn’t think about when we were younger it’s a natural process of revolution. Dreaming of your teeth falling out can represent that you are out of control in regards to where your life is heading. Sometimes it could indicate that we have reached the stopping point in life and that something new and exciting as required. I can remember my own friend kept dreaming of her front tooth falling out she asked me about it and it was clear that in her life she was going through quite a stressful time at work, not only that, she was also going through the menopause which meant that she could not control her aging or associations recent research from a psychological point of view at Stanford University show that dreaming of losing teeth can be attributed to aging and getting older.

What does it mean if you dreamt of someone else losing teeth? This is quite an inspiring question that I received from one of the users by email. While dreaming of losing teeth is highly subjective it often represents as I have said many times before this article that is connected to our own stresses and strains in life. Someone out his teeth representing a dream could simply mean that you are encountering emotional experiences with others. Think about the teeth itself as a way of survival, a challenge. It could mean that there is somebody that is trying to connect with you on an emotional level and the fact that you saw their teeth falling out can mean that you find it difficult to communicate with you. Trying to understand the hidden issue of this dream will help resolve any future dreams of this nature. It could be that you are feeling very vulnerable in a certain relationship which is making you rather emotional.

There is a hidden symbolism of dreaming of losing teeth - relating to our own culture. In some societies to falling out is quite common. In the Western world, we are focused on keeping our mouths healthy and it is associated with the reflection of our own path. If you noticed a gold tooth falling out your dream it can indicate that you are going to feel your goals from a material perspective. In conclusion, dreaming of losing your teeth is never a great dream to experience. It can be particularly worrying especially if it was rather vivid. The most important takeaway of my article is that you need to try to restore your own happiness and overcome the stress and anxieties in your life.

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