Dream Of Flies

Dream of Fly

Dream Of Flies

Well, this is a bit of a crazy dream. And, I want to just share my analogy of dreams….we all know about the monitors that are put in front of a patient in the operating room of a medical center. So we can see what the patient is doing in terms of heart rate, blood pressure, and brain activity, all on the monitor. You are able to see the motions and body language of a newborn baby through ultrasound. Just like these monitors, your dreams are the same as them. Spiritual speaking I believe the dream of flies indicates the following.

  • You are covering something up - maybe your feelings
  • Flies indicate things have not been good for you recently
  • There is a shortage of focus for you right now

You can see what is taking place in your body, brain, as well as your most guarded intuition and self in the mirror of your dreams. You're typically not aware of what's happening inside your body, which a medical monitor is able to record. A dream like a monitor displays what's deep inside our consciousness. Your dreams will thus take you into the deeply unknown of your personality and your felt but connections unconsciously bonded relationships with the individuals and world around you. 

To begin with, it might be hard to believe or even comprehend that the flies in your dream -- that you see on the monitor (in my analogy above) are really representing your inner feelings and emotional structure. So, let’s take a look at this dream.

What does it mean to have a dream of flies?

The possibilities are numerous (depending on the details which we will go into later), but the most typical meaning for your fly dream is protection, inclusion, or concealment, as when two individuals cover themselves with a blanket to indicate togetherness. This may be utilized also as a means to create an atmosphere. Another possible reason for you dreaming of flies is when a person shows up in your dream and is surrounded by flies, indicating an impressive and possibly unnerving situation.

I must confess it is not a common thing to have a dream about flies. Of course, a fly that appears in our dreams is quite a freaky occurrence, its about how clean our life is and how we are in moderation to those around us. In my view, the fly is about teaching us to remove ourselves from difficult things in life. I don’t know about you but I have come across a swarm of flies most summers they normally congregate around my white car (maybe they are attracted to white), and when this happens I know they are teaching us about how we can clean up our life. Perhaps the most important thing and detail of this dream is how the fly is portrayed. What is it doing in the dream? What is the fly/and or flies doing? The power of this dream is about value and your experience in this world. 

What is the spiritual meaning of a dream of flies?

I’m sure you will agree as humans, we're a wild, unusual species, a bit strange and complex, fragile and fierce. Honor that. Stop pressing the face of yours to the cup of another person's party. Enjoy the party unfolding around you, that is the message of a dream of flies. Fruit flies produce 500 eggs and that is why a swarm of flies can get totally out of hand -- very quickly. Think of this as a metaphor and know that sometimes when you are feeling down darkness brings darkness. It is unspeakable. Each day, as you get older, you've to perform the effort it requires to push out from that darkness and say: I'm living. I'm fortunate. I'm pleased. Seeing a swarm of flies in a dream is a sign that darkness can spread diseases like - what do you need? That you deserve to work very hard at what you like. That this is freedom. You should have that.

By scientific techniques, we understand that every one of us dreams around 5 times a night and as we dream, our eyes move in the direction of the movement in the dream (Kleitman and Aserinsky, 1952; (J. Allan Hobson) 

By Florance Saul
May 30, 2024