Dream About Stabbing Someone In Self Defence

Dream About Stabbing Someone In Self Defence

Dream About Stabbing Someone In Self Defence

When you dream of stabbing somebody in self-defense, this dream might stand for an internal struggle. I’m not saying that this is not the closest thing to therapy and I turned 45 approximately 45 days ago and I had that horrific dream of stabbing a complete stranger in the dark. Life is a long process, no mistake there! This dream may mean you might be feeling vulnerable, scared or needing to defend yourself in waking life! Spiritually, in my research --- this dream means facing your inner voice that says “I just can’t do it” I also feel that the dream means you need to defend yourself in life.

The ancient Egyptians thought dreams opened doors to hidden understanding and spiritual direction. If you woke up and stabbed somebody in self-defense, an ancient Egyptian would have taken this as a clash between your Ka (life force) and Ba (personality) --- this would be viewed as “your” protection for your Ka from harm - both physically and spiritually.

What is the biblical meaning of stabbing someone in self-defence in your dream?

In biblical scripture, dreams of self-defense can be associated with Ephesians 6: 23. 12 (NIV): "For we don't wrestle with blood and flesh but with authorities and rulers, contrary to the authorities of this rich world along with the powers of the evil one in the spiritual realms of the heavens." In this particular passage -- your dream might represent a spiritual struggle you're fighting against negative influences or influences.

What does it mean to stab someone you don’t know in defense of the dream?

Yes,  I have had this dream myself, I've also developed the jadedness of being someone totally not putting up with other people's problems lately. I recall when I was little I would dream about being chased by some weird figure. It took me years to understand that this figure was me - representing my very own fears and insecurity. One particular evening I watched the figure becoming the face of a long-time friend with who I had a fallout. The confrontation with and defense of this figure was the turning point, which showed my readiness to end the conflict about how bad this relationship panned out. Therefore, I feel that if you see someone you “don’t know” in the dream and stab them this could just be a reflection of all the bad luck you have had: job rejections, toxic friendships, crappy relationships, and so on. It is about releasing all the things that annoy you in life when you have this dream. You are literally stabbing the past.

A dream of stabbing somebody you know in self-defense is another level of weird complexity. It suggests an intense conflict or unresolved issue with that person. Perhaps this particular person represents something in you you're wrestling with - a past trauma or maybe an ongoing challenge. And to dream about stabbing a relative in self-defense is more disturbing. It indicates deep-seated issues in your familial relationships. In my view, the dream might suggest betrayal, anger not resolved, or maybe a need you can set boundaries in the family dynamic.

I remember having an email from a reader and she said it was like her family totally misunderstood her. She could remember fighting with her siblings over little things which seemed really large at that time and wondered why she kept dreaming of defending against her. Well, dreaming of destroying a relationship could just be a sign you need to take a break.

What was the weapon?

The weapon you use of in the dreams might also give you clues -- concerning the dream. A knife, for instance, could represent precision, decisiveness and the ability to cut though confusion or deception. A swords in turn are related to justice, honor and spiritual insight, and a gun means you need to hit the target somewhere! 

What is the biblical meaning of this dream of self defence?

Just going to mention self defence when it comes to the bible. Dreams of self-defense usually indicate spiritual vigilance. They encourage you to stay firm in your belief and moral character. A dream about self defense is a call to spiritual strength and stamina. As 2 Corinthians 10: 4 (NIV): "The weapons we battle aren't the weapons of this world. Instead, they've divine power "to tear down strongholds."

Okay, I have covered allot here. I want to just add that the “gun” itself it is about personal boundaries. In your waking life, these dreams might be letting you know to assert yourself and defend your psychological space. When you dream of fending off others it might reflect your need to put more boundaries around others. 

By Florance Saul
May 18, 2024