Dream About Allergic Reactions

Dream About Allergic Reaction

Dream About Allergic Reaction

I had horrible hay fever as a child each spring. And it was not all sneezy eyes and itchy eyes. It felt like the world closed in on me, and I could not appreciate the summer months. Just as allergies can make you go “oh no” in real life --- they sometimes come within our dreams. And it can be super weird and a bit crazy too!

Allergic reactions in dreams can include any of these:

  • Pollen: Often relates to sensitivity to your environment or current circumstances. Spiritually it might suggest you're in tune with the natural world but easily disrupted by minor changes.
  • Dust: Dust allergies could be among those things that you let pass by or are not considered. It might be an indication that your psychological or physical clutter requires getting rid of.
  • Allergies to Foods: They might also signify your rejection of something difficult in your waking life. Are you feeding your soul the stuff it requires?
  • Animals: This allergy might indicate issues with companionship or loyalty. I am personally allergic to dogs, so in dreams it can represent not trusting someone. Maybe you have trust problems or difficulty communicating with people.

You are probably asking why. Well, this is your subconscious mind that wants you to confront these annoying things. So next time you awaken from a dream about an super annoying allergy reaction, consider what is actually bothering you. For (this is my interpretation) our dreams often are the only doors into our very own souls.

Just what does a dream about an allergic response mean?

If you ever dream about having an allergic reaction, you aren't alone. I think these sorts of dreams reach into our greatest anxieties and vulnerabilities. What you go through like an allergic reaction in a dreams generally corresponds to a bad reaction to something or somebody in your actual life. It is like your unconscious brain is saying "Pay attention to whatever could be causing you stress in waking life.

When you dream that you have an allergic reaction of your face, what does that mean?

A nightmare about an allergic reaction on your face is (I am sure you will agree) especially disturbing. I believe that is really a fear of what others think about you. Your face is your identity; It is how the world views you. You might respond by yelling in the dream "I'm scared of my public image!" now, in my view this means you don’t want to put yourself out there. It may mean you are ashamed that something shows my real self!

What exactly does it mean having a dream about an allergic response for your hands?

I feel, your hands are tools for making and action. If they encounter that allergic reaction in a dream it might mean you feel powerless or stuck in some way. Perhaps you have difficulty controlling something or somebody and it is weighing on your confidence?

But what exactly does it mean to dream about an allergic bee reaction?

If you have read my past dreams you should know I believe bees often represent work, community, and efficiency. Dreaming about an allergic reaction to a bee sting is about feeling overwhelmed or anxious because of work --- but, this is a positive dream. It means your work will pay off unexpectedly. It is a reminder that often all that effort in one direction goes sour.

What does it mean to see someone have an allergic reaction?

You may find watching somebody else experience an allergic reaction in your nightmare distressing. My son has allergies so I dream about him having the allergies (even though he has them in real life). This dream might be a sign of your worry about not being able to help those you care about. It is a subtle signal to check on your relatives or become more supportive whenever they need you.

What does it mean to dream of your whole body being allergic?

If your whole body has an allergic reaction in a dream, it signifies total stress or anxiety. You might be overwhelmed in a few aspects of your life and feel vulnerable and exposed. It is your mind saying, "Take a break!"

What does it mean to dream of antihistamines?

In a dream, antihistamines may represent your need for relief from something stressful. It is like your unconscious is placing a solution in front of you - that something must settle your nerves or even alleviate your anxieties. It is a tip for finding your own personal "space" in real life - through relaxation, problem-solving or support.

What exactly does that sneeze mean in a dream?

Sneezing during a dream (maybe due to allergies) could signify a need to put out something annoying from your life. Consider it your body rejecting everything you don't deserve. Likewise,

Hayfever in a dream implies something is annoying you chronically in your life. Like hayfever can at times make you miserable, a recurring problem in your waking life could be making you miserable also. It is time to discover what is leading to that discomfort in you now, spiritually. 

Final thoughts

I’m not denying our dreams are super weird. You may be at a forgotten seaside pier, then suddenly you get hives without explanation. Let us face it - understanding the meaning of these dreams is as confusing as the dream itself.

By Florance Saul
May 18, 2024