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The acacia in occult terms is connected to a new start in life.

This can appear as either an Acacia tree or plant in the dream state. The plant is connected to being content and happy in life. If we look at the history behind this plant it is connected to Freemasonry. It is associated with immortality and often seen in many spiritual rituals where it is known that the soul will live on. Funeral flowers are often made of acacia. This is due to the fact it is associated with the soul's energy.


In the dream state...

  • You saw the acacia plant.
  • In your dream, the arcana plant appeared.
  • You noticed an acacia shrub.
  • You saw an acacia tree.
  • The acacia tree was snapped or broken in the dream.

The acacia tree is connected to moving forward in life. It is associated with making better relationships in life. If the acacia tree is found in a desert then this suggests that you will suffer some difficulty in life. Going back to the dream interpretation of seeing acacia,  it indicates you are going to feel strength and confidence. This tree can also indicate one's faith in tasks and objectives in life. In ancient dream dictionaries,  there is a system whereby mourners generally carry the spring of acacia to represent eternal life.

Additionally, there was a custom in Hebrew that one should plant acacia at the base of the grave in order to protect the soul against immortality.

The dream is connected to mortality, contentment and also a new start. Significantly, in many superstition books, the Acacia is associated to the Master Mason as a gesture of immortality.  it is thought that this plant will never die and will live on throughout history. The most important message that you should take if you dream of acacia is that you are seen as innocent by many people in life. Try to have a positive attitude. To see a damaged acacia tree suggests that a problem is going to occur in life.

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To see an acacia tree broken suggests you need to rest and  you have been working extremely hard lately this is a positive time and it’s easy to just fall into working hard in order to achieve the most important key message that you need to take from a dream where the trees broke suggest that you just need time to relax and think what you want out of life.

Feelings encountered when dreaming of abstaining…

Worried other people think that you don’t want something in life.  Working hard in order to find a resolution in the dream state.  Spiritual connection.


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