William Name Meaning

What does the name William Mean?

William If you are called William or you are thinking of naming your baby William then I will break down the meaning from a spiritual perspective.  I’m  Flo and I am here to help you.

What does the name William Mean?

“Wil” means “will or desire and the “helm” indicates protection rather like the helmet when you go to war. There are many different origins. William has What I consider to be a classical name for a long time (from the 1800s) and it is one of the most popular boys' names ever. Hands down, in all polls that I have read,  William always comes out on top. 

Prince William in England has also made the name super popular. There are so many variations, such as Will, Bill, and Billy. William is popular in the United Kingdom and as I have already mentioned means “resolute protection.”

What is the quick Meaning of the Name William?

  • Meaning: Strong-willed warrior is the meaning of William
  • Origin: German from the name Wilhelm
  • Famous Williams: William Shakespeare, Bill Gates, Will Smith and William Jefferson.
  • Traits: Classical Name
  • Varients: Bill, Billy, Wil, Wiley, Will, Willey, Wille, Willy, Wilson
  • Language: German
  • Spiritual connection: Noble Spirit
  • Scripture: Deuteronomy 5:33 NKJV

What is the spiritual Meaning of William Named Babies?

In my research, Williams are cool and powerful person with empathy. They hold a true compassion for others and a sense of capacity for working hard. This paves the way for success. I do also feel there is a sense of drive and dutifulness for society means they are eager to please. I do think that Williams normally takes pleasure in equanimity and are naturally tenacious. Additionally, they love researching and working hard. To be given this name by your parents can mean that you are naturally a leader (like William the conqueror) and that you will focus towards being noble and are naturally clever. Being a compassionate person is natural as William has 7 letters. 

I hope that I have stimulated your interest here! I want to end my “spiritual meaning” of Williams all over the world as being sensual and they enjoy pleasure and delight. I will now quickly focus on the numerology of William.

What does the numerology mean in regards to the name William?

I won't go into huge detail about expression numbers and how to create yours. You can go to my numerology section for that. What I would like to tell you now is that William has an expression number seven, and those who are given this as their number (in numerology terms) are considered somewhat unpredictable. 

The seven is quite a spiritual number and Williams is naturally likely to work hard in their chosen professions. What is super interesting is that there is little focus on being driven by material wealth.

William named people, due to numerology enjoy ideas and data in aspirations their independence and trustworthiness make important personality traits and help their work environment. The number seven is keen to relate to specifics and they can make exceptional peacemakers. 

I know a few Williams (who are friends) and they are persuasive in the personality that allows them to excel as debaters (or judges). The good news is that they can work in solitude very well. And, they enjoy jobs in technology or investigation.  Williams is born romantics and they are willing to communicate, enjoy, and a number of different ways. There is one trait they wear their heart on their hand - communicating with a partner their true emotions way too early! In love, situations move so quickly. They often attract partners who suffer from issues. William named people also start to really feel insecure and pull away if someone hurts them. 

There are many adverse elements associated with William. As I have already outlined their requirement for solidarity plus they frequently are overly introverted. This may lead to being intolerant of certain situations. There is also a hidden eagerness to be rather overbearing and William (if this is your name) you need to strike a balance in the interest of others. I do warn that Williams can also be too inquisitive when it comes to love. Let people be, is my advice. On a more positive note, William named people are warm and sympathetic they could easily weigh up and review challenges and arrive at a rational decision - that works well with everyone.

Often, though they undervalue their skills they may have an analytic mind as well as a thirst for expertise however they usually prefer working alone as I have already mentioned. They do have several admirers throughout love and will always have financial savings. The other interesting thing about William is that he will have great clairvoyance or another psychological trait that is amazing. There is a true deeper idea of existence through Williams's continual interest and search for information - this can be quite a good thing that makes William questioning points in life that other people don’t. William named people generally have a huge group of friends.

What is Williams's soul number?

William naturally falls under the Soul Urge number one which means they are a leader. Most people that are successful in business hold this soul number. Having this soul number means William will be determined and fascinated and have superb organizational skills, and also magnificent focus in life. He will have natural personal sufficiency. In addition, William will prefer jobs that will drive him far away from home to use as an excuse to have “away” time. 

William named people are highly competing while at the office because they want to climb the organization ladder. They aim to be the very best, and they often believe that other people are constantly judging them - even when they are not. Any role that enables William to be visible or in a prestigious position will make him satisfied, so he could be in business, or maybe in the army! 

I do hope you enjoyed my overview of William and the numerology of his name that I have shared. If you are called William then you are super lucky. 

By Florance Saul
May 2, 2020