Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Wizard is generally associated with the court.

We have many meanings on our occult dictionary of what a wizard is, a wizard is usually a mastery of court matters and performs magic for others. In pagan times the wizard was often referred to as the crone and carried out many different magical influences.

The wizard seen in your teacup can also be mistaken as a witch. Both wizards and witches wear a pointed hat you may see some masculine features such as a beard or the fact that the figure is bigger built. Again, it is hard to distinguish between wizard and witch in a tea reading.

Therefore, it is suggested that you read both interpretations. In fact this interpretation below will be associated with a witch as well as a wizard. The differences obviously masculinity. If you see a wizard, this indicates that it is time to become more powerful, rich, and successful.

The wizard in your tea leaf means you see yourself at the top of your field. This could be in either business or finance. This is a positive omen and indicates that time will move forward successfully. As we have said before the wizard indicates that you may need to arrive at a conclusion that is important to life.

If you see a wizard, it indicates that you need to have more confidence in life, in order to achieve your goals. The pointed hat in the tea leaf reading is quite an important factor.

This is basically an indication that psychic work will be successful. A wizard in a tea leaf reading can have slightly different meaning depending upon the actual position. We will now move forward and look at what the position means in the teacup.

Detailed meaning of the wizard tea leaf symbol

Top with teacup: if a witch seen at the top of the teacup indicates that you may appear to be secretive, and refined. This is quite positive, and there is times where discretion is needed.

Middle of a teacup: a witch or wizard, or a pointed hat in the middle of the teacup indicates psychic abilities. It is important for you to understand your profession defines who you are. We all want to enjoy our work but seeing the symbol in the middle position indicates that you have been having many doubts about your career to date.

Top of teacup: a wizard, found in the bottom of the teacup position suggests that you may appear to have the support of a person in regards to a career, but you need to have more guidance. The symbol in this position is, however, positive. It means that you're going to be able to enjoy life to the full.

By Florance Saul
Apr 8, 2013