Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Tassel is a decoration of loosely hanging threads or other materials which are knotted and loosely attached to different types of furniture in the house.

As a symbol, a tassel denotes reverence, admiration, and esteem. If you happen to see a tassel in your teacup, it means that you are about to be reverenced for your hard work in life. Everyone seems to be admiring and wishing you were theirs.

Detailed meaning of the tassel tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: a tassel at the top of the teacup denotes that, you are at the top of your success and everyone is admiring you. Share with them the hard road to success. From where you are now; tell them the difficult obstacles you went through in order to achieve.

Let them know that, success comes through hard work, and if one is lazy, success will be harder to achieve. Let it be known, any time you relax on your quest to meet a certain goal you are playing around with success.

Middle of cup: a tassel in the middle of the teacup denotes that, you need to work extra hard in order to reach the peak of your life. You are on the right track, but you need teamwork in order to get to the top of your success; get your friends and family on board and make them understand your strategies so that they help you climb the ladder very fast. And when you finally reach the top in life, try and make sure that you remember the difficulties in life. Without friends and family, the journey to success is normally slow and painful; but with them, you will be able to achieve in the shortest time possible. You are not the first one to move fast on this ladder of success - so it is best to consult those who have already made it.

Bottom of teacup: a tassel at the bottom of the teacup is an indication that, nobody seems to admire your path of success because there is no success in your path anyway.

You are on a path to self-destruction, and that is making it impossible for you to make it in life. You are not working as hard as your friends, and that is why there are no fruits of your labor to be displayed anywhere.

You need to change the way you are driving your life because you don’t have what it takes to become successful. Associate with those people you think are successful and try and learn the tricks of the trade.

Scattered in the cup: scattered tassels in the teacup indicate that, the path you have chosen to follow to success is bearing fruit and has made you have several successes. You need to share your secrets to success with others who are still struggling and wondering what to do in order to reach the top to the goals they have set in life.

Conclusion: when everything is working well for you, don’t forget those who are still struggling in life; share with them your secrets to success.

By Florance Saul
Apr 7, 2013